16 Most Romantic Restaurants In Dallas (Guide 2023)

Romantic Restaurants in Dallas

In search of cozy Texas Romantic Restaurants in Dallas for couples’ dinners? Your best bet for finding romantic eateries in Dallas would be uptown. It’s all a matter of discovering which one suits your palate.

The town’s culinary establishments range from upscale fine dining establishments to trendy barbeque cafes, making for the ideal setting for a romantic meal for two.

16 Most Romantic Restaurants In Dallas

There’s no shortage of places for Romantic Restaurants in Dallas. You can have the time of your life on a romantic dinner date with your sweetheart if you bring along a beautiful date, a hearty appetite, and a level head. It would help if you found the best restaurant and reserve a table in advance.

1. Lexy’s

Having recently assumed the role of CEO of the West Dallas dining complex, Chef Julian Rodarte has opened a new restaurant concept that takes the phrase “cooking for his wife” to a whole new level of dedication. The Alexa Room, so named since he now spends each day working with his lovely wife, is an ideal setting for passionate trysts. 

The Rodartes’ travels served as inspiration for a cuisine that is suited for sharing, beginning with the Moet Champagne vending machine. The whole red snapper is filleted for you in the kitchen and served half roasted and half tempura-fried, and the wagyu tacos for an appetizer are also must-tries. When you crack open the premium chocolate heart at the end of the meal, you’ll find chocolate-covered strawberries.

2. Sēr

Romantic Restaurants In Dallas

This legendary steakhouse formerly closed in 2020 for obvious reasons but is now open again on the 27th floor of the Hilton Anatole, is as good as new. The upscale steakhouse has stunning views of Dallas’s city center, making it the perfect setting for a passionate gaze into each other’s eyes. At the same time, you split a chocolate “tomahawk” for dessert. 

You may burn off some of those Prime steaks and lobster tails by dancing the night away at the adjacent bar and lounge on Friday and Saturday nights to live music.

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3. Barcelona Wine Bar

Romantic Restaurants In Dallas Barcelona Wine Bar

Tapas like these can only be found in Dallas, so get a taste of Spain before leaving Texas. Learn what you like and don’t like about your significant other, and treat yourself to some tasty new snacks. Get yourself at a table for two and enjoy a glass of wine or sherry from the extensive list of options. 

Since making paella can take up to 45 minutes, this is the opportunity to order some delicious seafood (the Mariscos version with prawns, mussels, squid, and clams is unrivaled). If physical affection is your thing after dinner, olive oil cake is a great sweet to share.

4. Monarch

Romantic Restaurants In Dallas monarch

Try the fire-roasted lasagna and butcher’s reserve steak at the restaurant on the 49th level of The National, the same building that houses Thompson Dallas (hint-hint: great for a post-dinner staycation).

Monarch offers stunning views (request a seat by the window when making your reservation for one of the most spectacular views of Downtown from Downtown) and decadent meals to match the scenery. 

The Royale is an extravagant chef’s tasting menu where each meal is a complete surprise—and an utter delight—and is recommended if you’re looking to impress and money is no object.

Take your last drink to the 50th level, where a skywalk will take you to a bar with even more breathtaking views over Dallas.

5. Harper’s

A romantic evening of fresh oysters on the half shell and Champagne to kick things off awaits you and your date at this sophisticated, hip restaurant directly across the street from the Kimpton Pittman Hotel (or a refreshing Naked & Famous, a mezcal cocktail with wish fulfillment built right into the name). Then, dig into a 32-ounce Prime Tomahawk, a Royal Feast bursting with meat and potatoes, or the Seafood Paradise, which includes lobster, a fully blackened or fried red snapper, grilled oysters, and king crab legs.

6. Parigi

parigi most Romantic Restaurants In Dallas

Regarding ambiance for two people looking to woo each other, French restaurants, particularly those in Paris, always have the edge. At this cozy restaurant, the menu changes twice a month to highlight the best of the season and local ingredients, resulting in visually stunning and delicious meals. 

You can pretend you’re in a Parisian sidewalk cafe right in the middle of Dallas by reserving a table for two at the dining room’s intimate two-top or in the front courtyard.

7. Café Pacific

Located in the heart of Highland Park, this cozy steak and seafood restaurant has served the area’s elite for nearly four decades. Every table has a white tablecloth and a vase of fresh flowers, but there is no air of pretension here until you put it there by eating your Oysters Rockefeller with your pinky out.

8. Nobu Dallas.

Despite its size, this beauty has plenty of intimate nooks where you can gaze lovingly at the person across the table from you.

Enjoy a romantic dinner for two with some of the best sushi in the world and wash it down with some Ponzu-drenched Oyster Shooters before checking into the five-star hotel upstairs. Please don’t take this the wrong way, however.

9. Gorji

The seven-table Gorji could be the only restaurant in the world made for romantic dinners. With no TVs, no children allowed, and a personal server to attend to your every need, it may not be easy to top this romantic experience on a future date. 

Even better, tipping is already taken care of, so you can pay attention to the person at your table instead of your Apple Watch at the end of the dinner.

10. The Mansion

Formerly requiring gentlemen to wear a coat and tie to enter, the dress code has now been loosened (though a sportcoat is still appropriate).

Still, the seasonal menu and upscale ambiance remain among the city’s most sought-after. There are intimate tables for two located throughout the restaurant, but the best location to pop the cork is on the terrace in front of the blazing fireplace.

11. Sachet

Do you want to win over a vegetarian or vegan? They will find many things to enjoy in this setting (and so will meat-eaters, to be honest).

With a few orders of hot ciabatta or pita and a bottle of wine, the mezze selection—bright, fresh, and vegetarian-friendly—makes for a very social meal.

12. Tulum

While the Tulum restaurant’s dining room is undoubtedly alluring, the bar and lounge are where most of the restaurant’s more intimate exchanges occur.

Relax on the plush couches and enjoy a complete dinner or stop by during happy hour to take advantage of half-price tacos, enchiladas, wine, and cocktails. After all, romance need not cost a fortune.

13. Saint Martin’s Wine Bistro

Romantic Restaurants In Dallas st martins

St. Martin’s Bistro is a lovely place. France has arrived in Texas’s largest city of, Dallas. This is more than a nice meal for two; it’s an extrasensory extravaganza! Beginning with your first step into Lovely for a romantic evening, you will be treated like a princess.

The lighting is just proper, the decor is wine-themed, and there’s live piano music playing softly in the background to get you in the mood for a thrilling and romantic evening.

Start with a Paul Chevalier Brut Blanc de Blanc, a buttery chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Gris from Bordeaux’s sparkling wine selection.

Yes, discounts are available from time to time. The pâté here is produced in-house and is not to be missed—a steaming dish of cheesy, mushroom-filled chowder.

Heavenly seafood medley is just one of the dishes available, along with crab, shrimp, scallops, and lobster. Traditional beef dishes, like Boeuf Bourguignon and garlic potato purée, are also available.

Strawberry cheesecake, deep chocolate terrine, and the good sweet crème brûlée will make your dessert experience one you won’t soon forget. After a delicious meal in Dallas, take your date for a stroll down the charming Saint Martin Street.

14. Rise

The rising sun is a rare and beautiful French jewel that provides a pleasant rural ambiance. All you want to do is curl up with a bottle of wine and take in the exquisite artwork and antiques that adorn the walls. The Rise Hospitality Group operates under the motto, “Guests are family.”

The lighting and furniture create a warm and inviting country atmosphere. This restaurant, with its dim lighting and soothing music, is ideal for a romantic evening out. French bread is used as the basis for the starters. Its butter-free softness is unmatched. It dissolves very instantly in your mouth.

15. Monarch

Feel the rush of falling in love while high in the sky on the building’s 49th floor. It’s one of the most elegant and romantic restaurants in Dallas, and the ride up in the elevator will make you feel like you’re floating above the city.

Indulge in some of the best homemade pasta dishes and an impressive wine list at Monarch after a breathtaking love ride into the arms of award-winning chef Danny Grant.

This trendy new place is one of the most excellent and romantic restaurants in Dallas for a romantic evening out. Really, who could find fault with such lovely furnishings? Salad with buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto is the most romantic meal ever.

The bread is fluffy, and the butter is warm and silky; the starter comes with thinly sliced Italian salami. We highly recommend pasta dishes for your main course, specifically black truffle risotto.

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16. Fearing’s

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel one of the most Romantic Restaurants in Dallas is home to an upscale eatery. It’s not just for Valentine’s Day; it’s a romantic destination for any time of year that two people in love might choose to spend together.

They cater to couples with a special “lover’s menu,” and there are plenty of plush booths for you to share intimate conversations in.

Indoors and out, guests may enjoy Fearing’s beautiful decor; the open kitchen is surrounded by beautiful wall art that creates an oppressive atmosphere.

Tuck into chicken-fried Maine lobster, spicy BBQ beef fillet over creamed potatoes, spinach tacos, smoked tomato gravy, or the vast entrée, a Halibut, and Mollusk, prepared by local celebrity chef Dean.

At the end of your dinner, relax with a glass or two from the wine cellar’s excellent selection of modern wines and cocktails from across the world. The Service, on the whole, is fantastic, thanks to the helpful and pleasant wait staff.


You never know what kind of classic foods, from local specialties to foreign fare, you’ll find at The Big D. If you and your significant other are searching for a peaceful evening and romantic restaurants in Dallas, Dallas will satisfy you.

Restaurants in the area range from upscale fine dining establishments to popular barbeque restaurants, providing the perfect setting for a romantic meal for two.

In the most Romantic Restaurants in Dallas for eateries, you may sip on fine wines, savor seafood specialties, and feast on the city’s finest steaks, all hand-picked to meet your high standards.

Choose a place to eat from our suggested list and share your thoughts with the community below. Bon Appetit from us for now! Adios!

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