Minute Suites DFW Terminal A and D Cost and Priority Pass

Minute Suites DFW Terminal

Minute Suites DFW Terminal: In Dallas, you’ll appreciate having access to your Priority Pass. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) boasts more than 20 lounges because it is the largest hub for American Airlines.

Lounge admission might be limited to qualifying passengers at the American Express Centurion Lounge, Delta Sky Club, United Club, and American Admirals Club.

For this reason, credit cards like American Express’s The Platinum Card®, which includes a Priority Pass membership (enrollment needed), can be a godsend for frequent fliers. To help you plan your trip, we’ve compiled some information about the Priority Pass lounges available at DFW.

Alaska Airlines at JFK

Air France Lounge at JFK

Just what are these “Minute Suites” all about?

The concept of Minute Suites is similar to that of the capsule hotels popular in many parts of the world, albeit with a little more room to move around. Private and secluded suites offer all the comforts of home, including a daybed, work desk, TV, and chair.

They’re significantly smaller and lack private bathrooms seen in most hotels. Instead, most establishments provide a shared bathroom for patrons’ convenience.

Those who don’t have access to lounges (like The Centurion Lounge) or airline-operated lounges would appreciate these private spaces for getting some work done or checking email (like the Delta Sky Club).

Both arriving and outgoing travelers can use the lounges, although those with short overnight connections will find them particularly useful.

Some flights only allow for a few hours of sleep, so leaving the airport to find an airport hotel and returning in time to navigate security lines may not be worth going to. This is why staying at a Minute Suite can be beneficial (though most don’t have showers).

As you check in, you’ll find fresh sheets and pillows waiting for you, and you may buy snacks and drinks at the front desk.

The company went so far as to recruit medical professionals to create an environment conducive to sleep, complete with dim lighting and “the utilization of binaural beat audio technology” to ensure peace via a white noise system.

Where to Stay at Minute Suites DFW Terminal

All airport terminals that house Minute Suites in the United States are on the airside. Places to look for them include:

  • Location: Atlanta, Terminal B, next to Gate B16.
  • Terminal C, close to Gate C3, Baltimore.
  • The Charlotte Airport Concourse.
  • The Plaza, in Charlotte.
  • Precisely at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Concourse A, Gate A38.
  • The area around Gate D23 in Dallas/Fort Worth’s Terminal D.
  • Location: Nashville, Concourse D, Gate D3.
  • Connecting Philadelphia’s Terminals A and B.
  • Cities like Detroit are among those that will feature shortly.
  • Airport code: LGA (New York City’s LaGuardia).
  • Some notable cities like Orlando and Los Angeles do not have any Minute Suites.
  • After your appointment, you can exit the building directly into the airport terminal without re-entering the security checkpoint. After waking up from your snooze, you can head straight to the airport terminal.

Precisely what do the Minute Suites have to offer?

The amenities provided by each Minute Suite may vary, but they will generally include the following.

1. Wonderful assistance

The service I’ve experienced at the Minute Suites has been excellent thus far. There is only a little contact with the personnel, but what is it is pleasant and helpful. After you check in and provide your credit card information, you should immediately be given a key card to your room.

After that, you will hear from the staff again at the last five minutes, when they’ll knock on your door to urge you to pack up your belongings.

2. Relax in the privacy of your suite.

Most guests staying in these suites do so to get some work done or catch some Zs. Each suite we stayed in throughout our travels was incredibly peaceful and comfortable.

Suites in some cities, like DFW, may offer more space than standard rooms. There are no hidden cameras or other intruders in the suites (the only cameras are in the lobby and hallways).

One of the most appealing aspects of the Minute Suites is the presence of a daybed, which may be used for lounging or sleeping.

The daybeds may accommodate up to four people thanks to the pull-out trundle. It may be tight quarters for four adults in a standard suite, depending on your body type.

3. Showers

The only places with showers are:

  • Hartsfield-Jackson is Located at ATL International Terminal, Next to Gate B-24
  • At the Atrium of Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • The Second Busiest Airport in Charlotte is the Charlotte Douglas International
  • Airports in Both the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and the City of Nashville (Showers not available)
  • Terminal of the Airport of Philadelphia
  • The Airport Serving Metropolitan Wayne County in Detroit
  • Your room’s door may also double as the shower’s if that’s an option.

4. A Few Refreshments

In contrast to other airport lounges, such as the Centurion Lounges, the Minute Suites do not give free food or drinks. Water, juices, energy drinks, soda, etc., will be stocked in your suite’s mini-fridge. A basket of salty and sweet treats like Pringles and Keebler Cookies will also be available.

These things are not outrageously priced, but you should expect to pay $2 to $3 each. Since your credit card is on file for any incidentals, you are free to take anything you please, and it will be charged to your card after you check out. As a bonus, bring your food and drink if you’re hungry or thirsty. Remember that you will be expected to pay for any necessary cleaning.

5. Workstation

Each apartment should feature a comfortable desk and chair for working quietly and efficiently. The desk and the couch sleeper will have access to electrical outlets and USB ports.

Amusement Devices like Apple TV and DirectTV should be available in each suite’s television set—an intelligent gadget like Alexa, among others, maybe in your apartment.

You’ll need to log in to use some of these services, while others are open to the public.

6. Wi-Fi

You may expect free Wi-Fi, much like in a premium airport lounge. After conducting some tests, we determined that the maximum download speed via Wi-Fi was more than 90 MB/s.

Some are open all day and night, and those have more restricted hours. Remember that TSA checkpoints are not open throughout the clock, so plan to ensure you can get through security and catch some shut-eye.

Minute Suites DFW Terminal Price

The first two hours are charged at $45, and any additional time after that is billed at $11.25 per 15 minutes. After two hours, the price reduces to $8.75 per 15 minutes.

A night’s stay in a regular hotel can be expensive if you only need it for a few hours, so having an hourly cost is a tremendous assistance—a late-night check-in after 9 p.m. results in a flat fee of $165 for an eight-hour stay.

One can shower for half an hour for $30 (or $20 in conjunction with a suite rental). Remember that you can only use the showers in certain cities, including Charlotte, Dallas/Fort Worth Terminal D, and Nashville.

There are special rates for pilots, military personnel, and airline employees, and women who need to nurse or pump breast milk are welcome to use a suite for up to half an hour at no cost.

More Suggestions for Reserving Minute Suites

Please remember the following for your upcoming (or first) stay at Minute Suites:

  • Minute Suites offers a loyalty program where members may earn free time in the suites by making purchases.
  • In exchange for a Priority Pass membership or as a feature of one of the many credit cards that provide it for free, you can use any Minute Suites location for an hour at no cost. There is no need to present your boarding card at the Priority Pass entrance if you have already gone through security. You can use it at any of the available Minute Suites locations, and each additional hour will only cost $28.
  • You can bring two more people at no cost when you use your Priority Pass to enter a Minute Suite.

Access to Priority Pass and Minute Suites on Your Next Trip

Your wallet may already include a travel card that grants you access to Minute Suites because of your membership in Priority Pass. Only a few examples are as follows:

  • America Express Platinum Card®.
  • The American Express® Hilton Honors Surpass® Card.
  • Credit Card with Reward Points from Capital One Venture X.
  • The prestigious Chase Sapphire Reserve® card.


You should only discount Minute Suites if they have a different selection of drinks and snacks than a full-service airport lounge. Many weary travelers find that these suites are even more conducive to getting some shut-eye than the average airport lounge because of their extra space and level of privacy.

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