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Delta Sky Club Washington DC Reagan

There is no need for it to be as grand as the premier lounges at Delta’s Atlanta (ATL) or New York (JFK) hubs.

The Delta Sky Club Washington DC Reagan is tucked away inside Washington Dulles International Airport. It’s well worth the detour. It’s the perfect place to unwind with a drink and snacks before boarding your flight because it’s so peaceful and quiet. 

This isn’t some dingy bar hidden away in the Terminal; instead, you’re surrounded by windows on all sides, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the airport’s tarmac and arriving and departing planes.

One’s Admission To The Delta Sky Club Washington DC Reagan

Any Delta aircraft leaving Washington, D.C.: Reagan (DCA) will have you heading to Concourse B, where the airline’s Sky Club can be found. After passing through security, look for the two elevators labelled “Sky Club.” To reach the upper level, please enter and go to the elevator.

Please don’t make the same mistake I did and start looking for stairs or an elevator at Gate 15 because Delta’s website incorrectly indicates it’s above Gate 15.

As with any Delta Sky Club, there are multiple entry points. Use the American Express Platinum Card® instead of the Delta co-branded card for the most straightforward transaction processing. More lounges are accessible with this card than with any other premium credit card.

You can simply show your Delta boarding pass and Platinum card to gain entry. You’re welcome to invite more people, but they’ll have to pay: The price to host a single guest is $39. (terms apply).

The Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card is the airline’s premier co-branded credit card, and cardholders receive complimentary access to the Sky Club (terms apply).

It’s somewhat similar to the Platinum card in that if you’re flying Delta that day, you can go into any Sky Club for free. If you’re a Reserve cardholder, you’ll get two one-time guest passes at no additional cost, after which each additional guest will cost $39.

Here’s How The Delta Sky Club Washington DC Reagan

I found the venue quite busy on a Tuesday at noon. I was the sole visitor there. About an hour later, a few more tourists began to arrive. Besides that, the DCA Sky Club was a remarkably tranquil place to spend an afternoon. This area was updated by Delta in 2018 and looks great.

The entire space, from the lobby to the dining spaces to the bar, is elegantly designed in a way that prior Delta Sky Clubs didn’t attempt. It’s a decent size, clocking in at 9,000 square feet, for a lounge located in a relatively quiet Delta terminal.

A wide variety of seats are available in the main room, including couches, armchairs, and high-top tables with matching seating.

In addition, skylights and windows on all sides ensure that the room is bathed in light. One window overlooks the Terminal and the passengers below, while the other two look out onto the tarmac and the gates. Several devices may be charged at once because of the abundance of power outlets near nearly every seat.

An enormous bar dominates the room’s foreground, opposite the windows and chairs. Plenty of chairs are arranged in a spiral around the semicircle layout. More tables and chairs in a restaurant layout can be found on one side of the bar. Even while these seats weren’t as plush as others, they were ideal for a quick snack or beverage.

Maintain Your Delta Sky Club Washington DC Reagan Elite Status

This policy will shift as of February 2, 2023. Delta Sky Club Washington DC Reagan is now accessible to Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion members, as well as anyone with equal status with a SkyTeam partner flying internationally on the same day in any cabin. Suppose you are a Delta Medallion flying internationally in Main Cabin or Delta Comfort+ on February 2, 2023.

In that case, you will only have access to the Delta Sky Club Washington DC Reagan with a separate Sky Club membership or a qualifying American Express card. After that date, Medallion members are required to book foreign flights in Premium Select or Delta One.

As long as you’re a Diamond, Platinum, or Gold Medallion flying Delta on a qualifying SkyTeam international flight, you and a guest have admission to the Delta Sky Club at your departure airport. This rule applies regardless of whether you hold SkyTeam Elite Plus status with Delta or one of Delta’s partners.

Finally, as part of their Choice Benefits, Diamond Medallion members can sign up for complimentary entry to Delta Sky Clubs whenever they fly with Delta. A total of three Choice Benefits will be required to purchase an Executive Membership for people who reach Diamond status in the 2024 Medallion year and beyond. 

Individual Membership and credit card guest pass will no longer be a Choice Benefit as of February 1, 2023, for the 2024 Medallion year. Any elite member can only enter a Sky Club three hours before their flight departs or arrives.

Effective February 2, 2023, all Sky Club members traveling on primary economy tickets will be allowed entry if they have access via an American Express card.

Book A Flight In Delta’s First Class Or A Premium Partner Cabin

Although sure premium passengers do have access to Delta Sky Clubs, the common misconception that a first- or business-class ticket automatically grants you lounge access is not unfounded. Delta One passengers, a subset of business-class passengers, have access to the Sky Club regardless of whether their flight is domestic or international. 

If you have a first or business-class ticket on an international flight operated by a Delta partner, you will have access to the Delta Sky Club. You can only enter the building within three hours of your departure time or upon arrival.

Locations Of Delta’s Sky Club Lounges

Delta has established over fifty Sky Club lounges throughout the United States. If you have a Membership to a Sky Club, you can relax and enjoy complimentary refreshments away from the airport crowds. Delta has announced that the Kansas City International Airport (MCI) will be the site of its first Sky Club in February 2023.

Check out this list of airports with access to Sky Clubs.

1. Anchorage (ANC)

Those looking for it should head to the South Terminal’s mezzanine level between Concourses B and C.

This particular Sky Club outpost is only here for a limited time. Nonetheless, while it is present, you will have access to conveniences like refreshments, charging stations, and a quiet spot to rest away from the Terminal.

2. Austin (ATX)

Location: Close to Gate 4.

In 2020, Delta inaugurated its first Sky Club, located in Austin. It’s 9,000 square feet and has a patio that can be used regardless of the weather called the Sky Deck. You can view works by Texas-based artists while sampling seasonal fare and libations.

3. Central Terminal of Boston

To locate it, head to the Main Terminal and look for Gate A7.

The Sky Club at the Main Terminal at Boston (BOS) is the smallest of the two, although it has been upgraded and improved upon since its counterpart in the Satellite Terminal. You can choose from various hot and cold dishes, enjoy a drink from the complete bar, and relax in any of the available seating areas.

4. Terminal Satellite

Locate the Starbucks at the Satellite Terminal, next to Gate A18.

The larger of Boston’s two Sky Clubs, this one is a bit older and doesn’t offer showers. A few critics have pointed out that there need to be more outlets in the area.

5. Chicago–O’Hare (ORD) (ORD)

You can find it between Gates M14 and M11 on Concourse M of Terminal 5.

In November of 2022, Delta unveiled its newest Sky Club. The new lounge is located at Terminal 5 and spans a whopping 22,000 square feet, providing comfortable seating for up to 400 travelers in a stylish setting.

6. Cincinnati (CVG)

It’s located close to Gate B14.

Many visitors have praised the Sky Club’s spaciousness and variety of seating options. The lounge is spacious enough that it rarely becomes crowded. Expect the usual Sky Club perks, such as a full bar and a spread of hot and cold food options.

Terminal E, between gates E10 and E11, at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

Because Dallas-Fort Worth is also the home base of Delta’s rival American Airlines, the city has only one Sky Club. With a full bar, plenty of comfortable seats, and a separate conference room, this venue is ideal for any business event.

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7. Location: Denver, Colorado, Concourse Positioned On The Fourth Floor Of The Central Core.

Slightly more than 4,500 square feet of area are available in this Sky Club. Despite its small size, the lounge offers a variety of comfortable seating arrangements. The lounge’s bathroom is the only real drawback because it is located outside the lounge area.

8. FLL (Fort Lauderdale) (FLL)

Locating It: The main lobby, between the D2 and D3 exits. In June 2021, Delta unveiled its newest Sky Club facility in Fort Lauderdale. With its floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the runway, this area offers 8,000 square feet of luxury. The lounge features a revolving menu of food and drinks and regional artwork from the area.

9. Honolulu (HNL)

Located in the main Terminal, beside Gate F1.

The Delta Sky Club in Honolulu is not the newest or most unique location. At least one visitor has described the area as “old and tired.” You can count on a small number of seats and a limited menu of snacks inside.

10. Indianapolis (IND)

Location: after the security checkpoint and before Starbucks on Concourse A. In 2010, this bar opened with a spacious 4,800 square feet. There are few windows in the Sky Club, so it can get rather dark. However, the usual Sky Club features are available.

11. Jacksonville (JAX) 

It’s located on the A level, past Chilies and the Day Spa.

There are several places to sit in this Sky Club, one of the oldest and less updated ones in Delta’s network. In other words, you will only find a few options here. Instead, there are small bites and a cash bar available.

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The Delta Sky Club in Reagan National Airport (DCA) in Washington, DC has been updated.

The newly updated Sky Club at DCA features an extra 1,800 square feet of space and cuisine created by renowned D.C. chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley. Meek-Bradley seasonal fare is included on the menu and at the buffet, changing with the seasons. Thanks for stopping by.

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