Air France Lounge at JFK Airport- Best Guide

Air France Lounge at JFK Airport

To make their passengers’ time in the Air France lounge at JFK Airport much more relaxing, the airline recently partnered with the renowned beauty business Clarins.

Air France now operates out of JFK Terminal 1 and provides access to the Air France-KLM Lounge. But, beginning immediately, the lounge will also offer Clarins spa and relaxation booths where visitors may take their time and unwind.

The Air France KLM lounge is now open to La Première, Business, and Flying Blue Elite Plus guests. Inviting and peaceful, this 2018 makeover is bathed in natural light. At JFK, the spa is available every day between 14:00 and 22:00.

Guests who wish to use the service can do so by making a reservation at the Clarins desk located in the lounge’s reception area or by phoning the La Première customers-only booking line.

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Air France Is The Best Way To Go From New York To Paris

Since 1946, the French national airline has been traveling from JFK to New York. Air France will offer nine flights per day this winter between the two locations.

Air France will run six daily flights, four of which will provide the La Première cabin, and two daily flights will be served by its partner Delta Air Lines, creating a “shuttle” service between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and New York-John F. Kennedy (JFK).

On December 12th, 2022, Air France will begin offering nonstop flights between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and New York-Newark Liberty Airport (EWR), the second-busiest international airport serving the New York area.

The Air France Lounge At JFK Airport

The main Air France lounge at JFK airport was recently renovated in November 2018. First-class clients of Air France, SkyTeam, Japan Airlines, JML, JGP, and one world Emerald members have access to the top deck.

The Air France Lounge at JFK has comfortable chairs, Wi-Fi, bathrooms, a delicious buffet, and breathtaking views of the airport’s tarmac. The atmosphere is meant to evoke a trendy Parisian brasserie while being warm and inviting.

Passengers in Business and First Class on AF 009 and AF 011, Air France’s two latest flights to Paris, are offered “Night Service,” a free restaurant-style full dining service designed to allow travelers to get the most sleep possible throughout the flight. We serve our patrons in a unique dining room that can fit around eighty people.

The meal is a replica of what is served on board, down to the Champagne and wine selection. (It is important to note that the lounge will not serve specialized meals.) In case you missed it, here is the link to our blog post with all the information you need.

Air France Lounge At JFK Place, Availability, and Timing

Location: Terminal 1, after security, near Gate 1. The bar is available every day of the week from 6 a.m. until 1 a.m. Anytime the lounge is open, travelers flying in Business Class or First Class with Air France or KLM can use the facilities.

Priority Pass holders can use the lounge between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and 2:30 a.m., but not mid-day.

What to Expect from the Air France Lounge at JFK Airport

Our Air France Business Class boarding passes were scanned at the lounge’s front desk, and we have ushered up an escalator to the second floor, where we were offered a pre-flight dinner.

The ground level of the lounge features seating, some of which are situated beside the vast windows that stretch from floor to ceiling. Here’s a look at the scene from the second-floor dining room.

Several bathrooms with showers are located on the ground floor. They had minimal, if any, updates during the 2018 dining room makeover.

No rain showerhead was in the shower, but a combined shampoo/shower gel dispenser must be clearly labeled. Although we didn’t get to check out the La Prairie Spa, the lounge’s shower facilities left something to be desired.

Overall Evaluation

Nevertheless, I am departing JFK at the same time as I was. You should be aware that the KAL lounge does not allow PP members until after 14:00. The Air France lounge does not allow anyone until after 13:30, probably due to overcrowding.

In all honesty, this wasn’t readily available to individuals on their websites, so having this knowledge is very useful. It’s unfair to the customers who pay PP’s steep annual fees just for this privilege, and I wish the company would be more forthcoming with that information.

Two “break out” rooms on either side of the lounge’s entrance serve as a massage/spa and a children’s video game room. Guests can peruse the latest issue of their favorite publication at the magazine racks in the lobby.

You may have already noticed the lounge is decorated with BOUDRO pop art, a style I greatly admire because it is quintessentially New York.

The paintings are like stamps, covering the walls with vivid images and memorable characters. This was quickly my favorite amenity in the club. The Canadian province of Quebec is where Boudro was born and raised as an artist.

The lounge has two floors, each with its full bar and kitchen. Spirits, wines, beers, and Champagne are all available for self-service in this area. Both warm and cold dishes are available.

The lounge’s offerings included Asian-style sesame chicken, couscous, grilled chicken, a salad bar, finger sandwiches, squash, split-pea soup, fresh fruit, yogurt, cheeses, and chocolate cake.

Head upstairs to the second floor’s high tables for a bird’s eye view of the runway and convenient access to power outlets. Outside of that area, though, you’ll find that seating is plentiful. Two shower rooms and a bathroom may be located downstairs.

While the lounge’s food selection didn’t precisely set the world on fire, I could fill up on excellent, hearty fare before boarding.

I liked that there weren’t too many people in the waiting area, so I could quickly move about and find a quiet spot to stretch out in and look out the window at our passing landscape. The personnel was helpful, and the cleaning crews arrived on time and got the job done quickly and thoroughly.


Currently, most airlines only provide a buffet for business class passengers, so kudos to Air France for their elegant Parisian brasserie-style pre-flight dining area, which features the same four main meal options as the in-flight menu.

Those who don’t want a substantial meal before their trip or who are in a rush and only have time for a light snack will appreciate the salad, cheese, bread, and dessert options on the buffet.

To sum up, this lounge would have immense potential if the entire dining room personnel was fired and replaced with more customer service-oriented humans or even robots.

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