Best JFK Terminal 5 Restaurants And Food: Don’t Fly Hungry

Best JFK Terminal 5 Restaurants

Best JFK Terminal 5 Restaurants: New Yorkers are finally given hope thanks to this gorgeous new airport terminal of incredible proportions. They hope they can have a delicious meal while waiting for their trip.

The JetBlue Terminal 5 experience at John F. Kennedy International Airport is modeled after and exemplifies the distinctive culinary fabric of New York City.

It features nontraditional offerings and exclusive restaurants developed in partnership with a select group of the city’s most renowned chefs. 

Imagine this: nine full-service restaurants, bars, and cafes; a gourmet food hall with eight quick-service eateries; gourmet markets and grab-and-go; three coffee bars; six bar/lounges; and an innovative gate area program called “re: vibe” that offers table service dining! All of this is available at the airport!

In addition, travelers waiting in the gate area will be able to “revitalize” themselves by using touch-screen monitors to place orders for meals that will be brought to their seats immediately.

The following accommodations, as well as a selection of wines available by the glass, are awaiting your arrival:

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Best JFK Terminal 5 Restaurants And Food

Checkout the list of the best JFK Terminal 5 restaurants and food

1. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

Artichoke Basille's Pizza

Even though it is essentially a chain now, Artichoke Pizza is still one of the Best JFK Terminal 5 Restaurants.

When you only have 20 minutes till your flight, the slices are easy to grab and taste significantly better than the cardboard with tomato sauce and cheese that can be purchased in other airport areas.

A breakfast stromboli, made with pizza dough from Artichoke and packed with cheese, sausage, and veggies, may be the most excellent dish to be ordered here. 

This is the perfect hangover remedy if you take a cab from the club to the airport. This is also an effective remedy if you want to make everyone at the gate within a wafting distance envious.

2. H&H Bagels

The H&H is, along with Artichoke, the best location to eat in the small food court immediately to your left after you pass through security.

It’s our go-to method for a sandwich, and you can personalize it however you like by choosing from various pieces of bread, meats, and cheeses. There is, in fact, the possibility of ordering extra pickles.

3. New York Sports Grill

New York Sports Grill

Sit Down As a result of the fact that New York Sports Grill is located a bit further away from the majority of the Best JFK Terminal 5 Restaurants; this sports bar sees a little less foot traffic, which means it may be easier to nab a table during the busiest times of the day.

It is an excellent place to use your laptop or watch a game before boarding begins, the tap list is extensive and features options from New York brewers that are local to the area, and the burger is good.

4. The Loft 

One of the Best JFK Terminal 5 Restaurants, The Loft, a gastropub, you may use the tablet at each table to order drinks and small plates, such as cheesesteak egg rolls and long island iced tea.

Although the chicken tenders are a sure bet, our preferred plan is to camp out in this area, have a mojito, and get some work done at a table in the back where it is calmer before heading back to the gate.

Even though we have yet to taste it, the french toast and omelets sound like a good choice for those who have just arrived from a night flight or are looking for something heartier to eat before departing.

5. Deep Blue

One of the Best JFK Terminal 5 Restaurants Deep Blue, called “perhaps the best sushi location at JFK,” opened in 2008 as part of JetBlue’s Terminal 5 (T5) remodeling. In addition, the pan-Asian restaurant offers excellent renditions of ramen, pork fried rice, and pad Thai. Positioned in the main hall beyond the security checkpoint.

6. La Vie

La Vie restaurant in jfk terminal 5

A French-style eatery specializing in traditional dishes from that country, such as a croque monsieur, a seared tuna salad, and a Creole crab burger.

Frenchette, located in Tribeca and is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in the city, is responsible for the creation of the menu. Situated behind the security checkpoint, close to gate 22.

7. Paris Cafe

If you are flying JetBlue and have some time to kill before your flight, it is highly recommended that you stop by this upscale café, which is not located in Terminal 5 (T5) but in the very close and quaint TWA Hotel.

Jean-Georges, a French celebrity chef, is responsible for creating the cuisine at Paris Cafe, which includes a variety of inventive pizza toppings, sushi, seared hake, roasted cauliflower, and a warm asparagus salad. The cocktail list at the cafe is quite impressive.


It is essential to highlight that the newly designed re: vibe at Terminal 5 by the prestigious OTG Management company makes this airport terminal the first in the United States to offer table-service dining at the gate areas.

OTG has deftly combined comfortable seating options, numerous power outlets for charging electronic devices, and touch-screen monitors from which flyers can order top-quality meals delivered to the gate area. 

This is a remarkably astute move on the part of OTG, given that today’s harried airport traveler is always looking for a place to charge electronic devices in addition to a place to get a meal that is at least passable.

Re: Vive is nothing less than a revolution for passengers and signifies nothing less to long-time New Yorkers who have been accustomed to having a negative experience at the Terminal in recent decades. So visit these Best JFK Terminal 5 Restaurants once if you are feeling hungry.

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