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Transport From JFK To Other Destinations

New York City’s primary international airport is John F. Kennedy Airport (often called JFK). After President Kennedy was assassinated, the airport, formerly known as Idlewild Airport, was renamed in his honor. The airport has grown to become the sixth busiest in the country.

In this article, we will provide transport from JFK to other Destinations

List Of Transport From JFK To Other Destinations

New York City’s Subway

The Jamaica and Howard Beach Stations on the AirTrain connect all airport terminals with the New York City subway system. The Jamaica stop is on the E line and the Long Island Rail Road.

The A-line stops at Howard Beach. Subways in New York City accept various payment methods besides the standard MetroCard, including major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Wallet Pay, and the OMNY card. 

Currently, the AirTrain only accepts MetroCard. You can add enough value to any NYCT MetroCard (even unlimited weekly cards) to cover the cost of an AirTrain one-way fare of $8.

The Long Island Rail Road

The Long Island Rail Road is a speedier option from Jamaica Station. This commuter train connects Jamaica Station with Penn Station in the western part of Midtown Manhattan, Grand Central Terminal in the eastern part of Midtown Manhattan, Atlantic Terminal in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, and all points on Long Island.

The prices and departure times shift throughout the day. The time saved compared to using the train can be considerable.

Instructions for Getting to Midtown Manhattan from JFK

Regarding passenger volume, New York City’s John F. Kennedy Airport is among the nation’s busiest. It is also the farthest from Manhattan of the three major airports serving the New York area, even further than Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

Even before you land in New York, the stress of figuring out how to get from the airport into the city might start building. If you’re familiar with public transit and don’t mind the subway’s frightening appearance, it’s the cheapest and fastest way into the city.

Taxis are the most practical mode of transportation, but they may be pricey, and delays caused by traffic can ruin what would otherwise be a short trip.

The New York Commuter Train or an airport shuttle are two good middle-ground options, both of which are more convenient than using the subway but cheaper than hailing a cab.

Before making a choice, consider your financial constraints and your tolerance for travel time. You may need more stamina to navigate the metro after a long foreign flight.

The Subway

The subway is your best bet if you’re looking for the cheapest and easiest way to go from Transport From JFK To Other Destinations Like Manhattan. New Yorkers love to hate their subway, but it’s straightforward and surprisingly reliable.

You’ll need to take the AirTrain out of the airport before hopping on the subway, and how long that takes depends on where in Manhattan you’re headed.

The AirTrain is a tram connecting all of JFK Airport’s terminals to the Jamaica Station and Howard Beach stations outside the airport, providing access to the city.

Getting to Manhattan from Jamaica Station will likely require a change of trains. Travelling between terminals on the AirTrain is free. However, riders who board or exit the train anywhere other than the airport will be charged $7.75. 

Follow the signs for the Sutphin Boulevard-Archer Avenue subway stop once you leave the AirTrain at Jamaica Station. You will need a subway ticket and your AirTrain ticket, which will save you an additional $2.75. The E, J, and Z lines serve the city, and which one you take will depend on your final destination.

Take The Train To Work

The quickest way to get into the city from JFK is to take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR), a commuter train that connects all of Long Island (where JFK is located) to Manhattan.

To get to Jamaica Station, you’ll need to take the AirTrain from the airport, which operates in the same way as the subway.

Be prepared for a lot of foot activity in the station if you fly into Jamaica during the weekday rush hour, as it is one of the busiest train hubs in North America. 

You can purchase tickets at the box office, through a vending machine, or with the MTA eTix app on your smartphone. Tickets will be more expensive if purchased on the train.

Penn Station is the destination for all trains heading into Manhattan; the ride takes only 25 minutes. You can catch a taxi or switch to the A, C, or E metro line to get to the rest of the city.

Taking the train to Penn Station and calling a cab from there is cheaper than taking one directly from the airport if you’re a solo traveler. A shared taxi from the airport is more cost-effective for a group of three or four than buying separate LIRR tickets.

In A Cab From JFK to Manhattan

Transport From JFK To Other Destinations like Manhattan via cab is the most stress-free option, especially for first-time visitors who may be anxious about using the subway system.

In addition to being the most time- and money-consuming alternative, depending on traffic, it will also be the most expensive. 

However, if you have a lot of luggage or have just come off a long flight, it may be more convenient to have someone else carry you directly to the door of your accommodations.

For a group of people traveling together, a shared taxi ride costs comparable to purchasing individual train tickets.

Taxis toTransport From JFK To Other Destinations to wherever in Manhattan cost the same flat rate of $52, so there’s no need to stress over the meter’s unpredictable fluctuations.

That won’t be the last cent you’ll have to lay down. A $4.50 premium for weekday evening travel between 4 and 8 p.m. is considered “peak hours.”

Any tolls along the route will be included in the total price. Finally, if the service is satisfactory, it is usual to tip the driver between 15 and 20 percent.

Upon exiting the terminal, locate the taxi stand and hail one of the iconic yellow taxis of New York City. Please don’t get in any other taxis approaching you; it’s against the law, and they aren’t licensed to pick people up.

Via Shuttle Service From The Airport

Several private firms run shuttles all day long, taking passengers directly to Grand Central, Times Square, Penn Station, or even their hotels, saving you the cost of a cab ride (up to $60) and the hassle of dragging your luggage around on the subway.

You can reserve a seat with GO Airlink if you want the option of being dropped off at your hotel’s front door or another specified place. The cost is comparable to a cab, yet it allows you more flexibility than public transportation options like buses.

However, given that it is a shared shuttle, your actual trip time may differ significantly depending on whether you are the first or last passenger dropped off.

Manhattan Vs. Queens

Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island are the five boroughs that make up the city of New York. Jamaica, the Queens, is home to JFK Airport.

Many of our guests stay in hotels in midtown Manhattan (i.e., Times Square), so getting there will involve taking a bus, a car, or the subway for a while.

Cab To Times Square

In a car or taxi, the Transport From JFK To Other Destinations Like Times Square (or anywhere else in Manhattan) can take at least an hour during rush hour. Both prearranged vehicle services and on-the-spot taxi cab hailing are options for getting from the airport to your destination. When making plans, include time to check in at your hotel.


SuperShuttle provides airport transportation services, both shared and private, to and from JFK. To make a reservation, go here—a cheaper option than a taxi at times.

Transit System: Elevated Railway And Underground Railway

Take the AirTrain to Sutphin Boulevard for about $5. You may get the E, J, or Z trains into Midtown Manhattan from there. Another option is to take the AirTrain to Howard Beach, where you can transfer to the A. An extra $2.75 is required for metro travel.

Commuting Via AirTrain And The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)

The Long Island Railroad is the most heavily utilized commuter train line in North America and provides service west into Manhattan. The JFK AirTrain to the LIRR Jamaica station costs $5, as it does every time.

Tickets to Penn Station, where the subway and taxis are located, can be purchased there. Purchase your Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) tickets in Jamaica for travel to destinations throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties during your time on Long Island. 

Find specific pricing information for the LIRR based on your travel time and final destination. It’ll set you back more than taking the subway, but it’s the quickest way to get into Manhattan.

Buses will take you to Brooklyn and other sections of Queens. The Q10 and the B15 are the only bus lines that run straight to JFK. The location also serves as a transfer point for other bus lines that will take you directly to your last stop.

A detailed map of the bus routes and finishes is available here. You should also bring a bus map with you.

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Your flight into JFK has landed, and you’ve emerged from the terminal, raring to spend the weekend exploring the Big Apple. After a long day on the road, you probably want to get to your destination. Which possible ways to get from JFK to your hotel or Airbnb is the quickest?

You can take your pick, so that’s fantastic news. It could be as simple as hopping in a car, but it could also need multiple transfers, depending on your budget, your destination within the city, and the amount of stuff you have. With some forethought, getting where you’re going needn’t be a headache. Thanks for stopping by.

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