Things To Do Near LaGuardia Airport – Your Ultimate Guide

Things To Do Near LaGuardia Airport

If you have a layover at LaGuardia Airport, you can do these things to do near laguardia airport can help you make the most of your layover at New York City LaGuardia Airport:

14 Best Things To Do Near LaGuardia Airport

1. Grab A Bite

There are good dining options, but everything could be better for an airport. Terminals B, C, and D include a few sit-down eateries and various food court options, while Terminal A offers very few. Five Guys has decent burgers, Sam Adams and Biergarten are excellent for trying new craft beers, and Crust has some of the best pizzas in the city. There are no restaurants open at all hours.

2. Secondly, Chill Out In A Bar Or Lounge.

You should check out the airport’s lounge options if you have a long layover. A day pass to a lounge is available for anyone with an American Express card or who travels Air Canada, American, Delta, or United. 

In a peaceful setting ideal for business or pleasure, for one flat rate, you may enjoy limitless food and drink, high-quality WiFi, plush couches and seats, and both live and recorded media. Check out our handy guide if you need information about where things are located at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

3. Shop

There are plenty of stores to browse around to pass the time, but just like the local cuisine, something here will be okay with you. 

Convenience businesses, beauty and eyewear boutiques, souvenir and technology stores, and even a few Duty-Free zones may all be found in Terminals B and C. Lacoste, Desigual, and TUMI are great places to go if you’re in the mood to splurge. Still, a couple of Uniqlo stores provide considerably better value.

4. Taking A Trip To The Spa Is A Great Way To Unwind.

Manicures, pedicures, facials, and express massages are just some of the services offered by the XpresSpa at Terminal C.

5. Get Things Done

Jabbrrbox pods are offered for rent and provide a unique, comfortable, and productive work environment. This noise-cancelling “automated workplaces” allow you to take care of business conversations or video conferences using built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. For $15, you can rent a 30-minute slot.

6. Sightsee

It doesn’t take long before you start to regret staying here. In reality, if you have a layover of 7 hours in New York City, leave the airport and see the sights.

You may go to Manhattan quickly and cheaply ($16 one way) using the NYC Airporter vans. You can also take a bus to Manhattan, although it may take much longer. Taxis are more expensive but save time: it takes about 35 minutes to get from LGA to Midtown Manhattan in regular traffic. 

Greenwich Village, Chinatown, and TriBeCa are just a few neighborhoods worth checking out while you’re in Manhattan. Explore Central Park and the neighboring Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim. Grab some pizza and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City (walk fast enough, and you may need clarification for a local).

Catch a cab to MoMA PS1, a contemporary branch of the Museum of Modern Art about 20 minutes from the airport, if you’d rather stay closer to the airport.

7. Free WiFi

The Internet connection is now unlimited and accessible, allowing you to keep up with your social media profiles, send and receive texts, and watch the most recent episodes of your favorite shows.

8. Sleep

We regret that we cannot suggest this airport as a safe place to spend the night. Tourists have noticed squatters and the homeless in almost every public area. If you plan on sleeping on the floor, consider bringing a blanket or pillow to relax on, as armrests are typically present. 

Even in the Secure zone, buildings and flooding have damaged the flooring. Instead, stay at one of the many hotels within a short drive of the airport (some are even within walking distance of Terminal C) and make use of the airport’s free shuttle service.

9. Taste Delicious Latin American Food In Jackson Heights

Along 37th Avenue and under the seven subway (along Roosevelt Avenue), there are more Latin American restaurants than you could ever try in a year. You needn’t bother with a traditional dining establishment at all. Many food vendors have set up shop right underneath the seven trains, selling everything from hot dogs and tacos to fresh fruit smoothies. 

Forgo the more commonplace meal and try something from Ecuador, Uruguay, or Venezuela instead. On 37th Avenue, there are two Uruguayan restaurants where you may eat as much meat as Anthony Bourdain did in Season 4 of No Reservations. Those who choose public transportation can reach the seven trains using the Q70 bus.

10. Go To A Mets Game

The New York Mets’ home field, Citi Field, is conveniently located just two miles southeast of LaGuardia Airport. If you have a five-hour stopover in New York and the “other New York baseball team” is playing at home, you may watch the game in person instead of on a tiny screen over loud airport announcements.

You could also take the bus. One can take the Q48 MTA bus or an Uber. After the game, if you still have an appetite for Chinese food, head to Flushing-Main St on the seven subway for some of the city’s finest fare. The food court at New World is the perfect place to get a quick bite or a drink if you’re in the area.

11. Watch Locations Used In Goodfellas And More Movies

Henry (Ray Liotta) and Tommy (Joe Pesci) are robbing the Airline Diner (Jackson Hole) parking lot in the film Goodfellas. From the Grand Central Parkway, you can view the Jackson Hole cafe. Every day from 7 PM until 12 AM (or 2 AM on weekends). Their 7-ounce burgers may be their claim to fame, but they also do brunch and Tex-Mex.

The inside is a dead ringer for the one in the movie. There is a jukebox in every booth, reminiscent of the ’60s. Even though the restaurant is decorated with photos of the Goodfellas cast, it has an atmosphere reminiscent of the 1950s. There are images of Bill Clinton’s visit to the famed diner and a Coke machine that has yet to work since 1957 in the lobby.

12. Have The Best Lamb In Little Egypt

While the Greek community in Astoria tends to get the most attention, between 31st Avenue and Astoria Boulevard, a small cluster of Egyptian eateries has opened up, making the area more diverse than ever. Some of them are friendlier to tourists who aren’t Egyptian than others. The Mombar serves lamb cuts that you usually would only find on the menu on Andrew Zimmern’s show. 

While they have a standard printed menu, specials frequently feature the lamb’s brain, cheek, testicles, and tongue. Likely, the same man (Moustafa) who prepares your food will also serve you.

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13. Relish Your Inner Film Geek At The Museum Of Moving Image

There is just one museum in New York City where you can hear Eddie Murphy’s voice dubbed over the original soundtrack of Coming to America and view props from A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Exorcist. 

Next to the Kaufman Astoria Studios, where shows including Nurse Jackie, Orange is the New Black, Sesame Street, and Saturday Night Live have been recorded, the Museum of the Moving Image first opened its doors in 1988. The museum doubled in size thanks to a $65 million renovation between 2008 and 2011. With over 130,000 items stored there, only 1,400 are currently in view.

The Arcade Classics display is a must-see for gamers of all stripes. The history of video games spans from the early 1970s (with games like Computer Space and Pong) to the early 1990s (Terminator 2 and Mortal Kombat). The admission fee includes a certain number of tokens, and more tickets can be purchased within the facility.

14. Visit The Queens International Night Market For Food From All Over The World

The Queens International Night Market is a great place to get some dinner and enjoy some live music if you are in the area between six and midnight on a Saturday. The diversity of New York City’s most cosmopolitan borough is on full display on any given Saturday night, when up to a hundred different merchants set up shop to sell arts and crafts and ethnic food.

The night market between New York Hall of Science and Grand Central Parkway features a wide variety of international foods, including Bolivian, Burmese, and Chilean street fare.

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If you fly into New York’s LaGuardia Airport, you’ll be a short drive away from the city’s many gorgeous parks, museums, and other points of interest. As a tourist in New York City, you can choose from a wide variety of exciting and informative excursions, each of which offers something unique.

You and your travel companion(s) will enjoy any of the excursions mentioned above in New York City. We provide this collection of the best things to do near LaGuardia Airport travel ideas to motivate you to plan some wonderful tours.

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