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Things To Do Near Eldoret Airport

South of the Cherangani Hills is the African paradise of Eldoret. This booming city in western Kenya has all the modern conveniences one could want, including excellent hotel options. Beautiful scenery and abundant flora and fauna draw tourists to this area of Kenya. The Maasai word “eldore,” from which the town takes its name, means “stony river.” 

Eldoret is home to fascinating cultural groups like the Sirkwa, Nandi, and Maasai. Check out our list of the things to do near eldoret airport. Eldoret is located in the Uasin Gishu District of the Rift Valley Province in Kenya; therefore, prepare to leave.

Things To Do Near Eldoret Airport Top Attractions 

1. The City’s Ancient Hindu Temple

Hindus in Kenya hold this place of devotion in the highest esteem. It features idols of local deities and is a popular things to do near eldoret airport.

Many people see this holy site to pray. They say that your requests will be granted if you pray with a good heart. 

The morning is the best time to visit the temple because of the peaceful atmosphere and the opportunity to interact with people.

Guests are welcome anytime to enjoy the temple’s no-cost facilities. Say a prayer to kick off your trip to Kenya, and then enjoy the sights.

2. Mount Elgon Park

Most visited attraction things to do near eldoret airport covers a massive 1279 square kilometers. Approximately 169 square kilometers of the park are located in Kenya, while the other half is in Uganda. Atop the foggy hills of western Kenya, the national park beckons visitors with breathtaking panoramas. 

This park is home to many rushing streams, lush valleys, and underground mazes. As a park visitor, you can choose from various pursuits, including forest exploration, hiking, and riding. Adventures to Elephanta Caves and up Mt. Elgon are thrilling experiences.

3. The Great Rift Valley

Located between several mountain ranges, this lowland area is linear in design and is a popular things to do near eldoret airport. Because of a rift or geological fault, the Rift Valley was formed. The diverging plate boundary saw the formation and subsequent deepening of the valley. 

A graben was formed when a depression formed in the middle of the two blocks due to the geologic process of plate tectonics.

The valley’s widening trend is still going strong now. Kenya’s beautiful tourist attraction is a vast basin filled with sediments and rift walls.

4. Fourth, The Cheese Produced By Doinyo Lessos Creameries

Eldoret is home to Kenya’s oldest creamery, a famous tourist destination. Here you can observe the importance of tradition and expertise in cheese production. Starting in 1964, the facility has been turning out high-quality cheese in limited batches. 

The plant also makes milk, yogurt, ice cream, and ghee in addition to cheese. One must visit the plant to appreciate the art and history that goes into cheese production. Discover the evolution of human dairy expertise while sampling 20 types of fine cheese.

5. Chorogoth Church Rock, A Lookout

The best views of the Rift Valley may be from a spot called Kerio Valley, about 40 minutes away from Eldoret. The Church Rock, which is adjacent to a church, is great for taking in Kenya’s stunning scenery.

If you need peace and quiet, Chororget is the perfect place. Enjoy the peace and purity of nature in this ideal setting. Take care along the cliff edges, as there are no safety nets to prevent you from falling.

6. Visit The Tranquil Poa Place Gardens

Visiting the breathtaking Poa Place Gardens should be on your to-do list before your trip to Kasane, Kenya. After a day spent on safari in Kenya pursuing the country’s incredible animals over the plains, guests can relax in one of the hotel’s plush rooms. 

Thrill-seeking families can first enjoy the park’s many rides and shows, then relax at one of the many eateries. Finally, when exploring the exotic garden area, you may encounter ferocious lions, cheetahs, and other animals.

7. Participate In A BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Chanting Session

Visitors to Eldoret’s cultural hub may want to spend some time at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. This Hindu sect, which originated in the early 1700s, places a premium on individual enlightenment for the greater good. 

Those who venture inside the carved stone gateways of the temples might gain insight into the Hindu faith and practice with devout followers. Respected teachers will give seminars on how to put religious principles into practice and reap their personal and social rewards.

8. Go To The Well Irish Pub & Restaurant, Where You May Have A Pint Of Guinness

Diners can enjoy traditional Irish fare in a cozy, unpretentious setting at The Well Irish Pub & Restaurant. The staff at this Irish pub with live music is hot and helpful. It would only be right to eat Shepherd’s Pie by washing it down with a pint of Guinness.

Hearty lamb stew, Guinness meat stew, potato and leek soup, etc., are just a few of the traditional Irish dishes.

9. Rupa’s Mall, Where You May Shop Until You Drop Off!

A day at Rupa’s Mall is a must for visitors things to do near eldoret airport with kids, friends, or significant others. Customers take their time perusing the many stores in the shopping center. 

What better way to round off the day than with a meal at one of the many restaurants and a movie at the theatre? Visitors at Rupa’s Mall can access supermarkets where they may stock up on food and other necessities.

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10. Visit The High Altitude Training Centre Iten And Catch A Race There.

Eldoret provides a convenient location for tourists visiting the Rift Valley region of Kenya to keep up with their regular workout program. They may get in a good sweat using the cardio and weight machines, then cool off in the sauna. 

Individuals interested in improving their physical fitness can attend strength and conditioning programs and work out with professional and Olympic-level athletes from the area.

There are free weights, medicine balls, and stairs for those with little time for exercise. Also, keep an eye out for goats that might stroll across the track, as they can cause severe mishaps if you need to pay attention.

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So these are the things to do near eldoret airport as the city of Eldoret is rapidly expanding and is considered one of Kenya’s most promising urban centers.

Tucked away in the lush environment south of the Cherangani Hills is one of Africa’s paradises, where the intrusion of civilization has yet to spoil the country’s natural beauty.

Because it is the administrative hub of the Uasin Gishu District in the Rift Valley Province, visitors will find all the conveniences they need throughout their stay.

Eldoret is a flourishing service town along the Kenya, Uganda highway. Although it serves as the western Kenya region’s commercial center, visitors will need more to do and see in the area. Doinyo Lessos Creameries Cheese Factory, where you may stock up on 20 various sorts of cheese, is a notable feature.

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