Best 13 Things To Do Near Albany Airport – Check It Once

13 Things To Do Near Albany Airport

Long waits, mediocre food, and a sore back accompany most layovers. However, layovers in Albany, New York, are unlike anything you’ve experienced! Make use of your time in Albany, New York, whether for four hours, 24 hours, or while waiting for a delayed flight. Depending on the length of your layover, we recommend a few activities in Albany, New York.

If you have a layover in Albany, New York, skip the mediocre airport food and enjoy some outdoor air instead. Here are 13 things to do near albany airport.

13 Things To Do Near Albany Airport

things to do near albany airport

1. Visit The New York State Capitol

Compared to JFK or LaGuardia in New York City, Albany Airport is much more relaxed and easy to navigate. The Albany airport is small, so you won’t have any trouble getting in or out, even if you have a long stopover.

If you’re in Albany, New York, you should check out the state capitol building. The Capitol building symbolizes elegance and history because of its rich history and outstanding design from the 19th century.

Located at the intersection of Washington Avenue and State Street, the construction of this tower spanned four decades. We can’t imagine a better place to visit if your layover is more extended than usual.

The New York State Capitol is an essential stop on any trip to New York and is only 45 minutes from the airport. It’s one of the 13 things to do near albany airport you can do while visiting albany airport.

2. Visit Colonie Center, A shopping center.

Flight delays are the second most prevalent complaint among airline passengers, but when you have a shopping center to go to while you wait, you won’t mind the wait so much.

You can get to the Colonie Center mall from the airport in only seven minutes, and it has plenty of stores to keep you and your family occupied during your layover.

Although a layover in Albany, New York, would allow you to rest and relax, you might need more time to explore the city’s many historic attractions fully.

Choose an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy regardless of the weather. Things to do near albany airport is second one to do at Albany airport

3. Enter The World Of The Shakers’ Cultural Heritage Organization

Are you a history-obsessed family looking for things to do in Albany, New York? If so, you must see the Shaker Heritage Society, the original Shaker community in the United States.

The Shaker Heritage Society is home to fascinating history, a little museum, and a gift shop about 13 minutes from the airport. Moreover, if your layover develops into an extended stay, the settlement lies near NexGen, an indoor golf center.

4. Take A Peek Inside The Albany Heritage Visitor’s Center

Albany, New York, boasts a diverse and extensive selection of activities. A trip to the visitor’s center is the best approach to obtain an overview of this fantastic city. The visitor’s center features a museum, a planetarium, and a resource center. 

A short trip of only around twenty-five minutes will get you to the heart of the state capital of New York, where you can while away the time learning about the state’s fascinating past.

5. Take A Walk At Washington Park

After being cooped up in an airport and plane for several hours, you may stretch your legs at one of New York’s finest parks.

More than a hundred different kinds of trees may be found over Washington Park’s meticulously cared-for 84 acres. Relax in the warm sunshine, take deep breaths of the crisp air, and watch the local fauna while you wait for your flight.

Are you planning a trip to the city this spring? Attend the Tulip Festival and help celebrate the world’s most famous flower! You can relax and enjoy your time at Washington Park without worrying about missing your flight because it’s only a 15-minute drive from the airport.

6. Experience the History of the USS Slater

Spend some time in the past by touring the USS Slater. The USS Slater was a reliable ship for WWII for the United States Navy. This destroyer escort is the last of its kind in U.S. waters.

Visit this notable figure in U.S. history and gain insight during your layover by planning a tour.

7. To Express Your Artistic Side, Visit The Albany Institute Of History And Art

Visit the Albany Institute of History and Art to stimulate your imagination. Albany, New York, is home to many cultural treasures waiting to be explored. The museum is one of the oldest in the country, having opened its doors in 1791 on Washington Avenue. 

The museum houses around 20,000 items, some of which include ceramics, drawings, furniture, and historical artifacts.

8. Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza 

Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller’s Empire State Plaza is likely at the top of any list of things to do in Albany, New York. Visit these stately structures and learn about their rich histories. 

Locals will recognize the Cultural Education Center, The Egg, the Legislative Office Building, the Mayor Erastus Corning 2nd Tower, and the Swan Street Building, all part of the South Mall complex.

There are summer festivals, farmer’s markets, art fairs, and plaza performances to enjoy throughout the year.

9. Lark Street

Lark Street, one of the city’s liveliest thoroughfares, is conveniently located from Empire State Plaza and the Erastus Corning II Tower. Albany’s version of New York’s famed “Greenwich Village” is home to various unique boutiques, galleries, cafes, and pubs.

The once sleepy residential area is now a bustling arts and entertainment district centered along the historic avenue. The area’s enormous attractiveness is no small part to the colorful brownstone buildings that line the street and the cobblestone crossroads.

Lark Street has everything you want in a shopping, dining, and partying destination. The annual LarkFEST has hundreds of artists displaying their crafts alongside musical performers performing at the Washington Avenue Armory.

10. Pine Bush Preserve In Albany

In the northwest corner of Albany, you can find one of the last unspoiled patches of pine bush in the United States. You may go on great nature walks and bike rides through the large preserve’s dunes, bogs, woodlands, and ravines to see all sorts of unique animals.

The unique environment is one of the world’s most extensive inland pine barrens, having been formed thousands of years ago as glaciers retreated.

Although it has a reputation for being a dangerous and dismal place to travel through, its unspoiled natural areas provide a safe sanctuary for hundreds of birds and butterflies.

In addition to exploring the preserve on foot or horseback, visitors can stop by the excellent exploration center to learn more about the area’s unique flora and fauna.

10. CrossGates

Crossgates is among the largest retail malls in the country, which you’ll pass on your way back into town. The vast mall is the premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination in the Capital Region, with over 220 specialty stores and restaurants spread throughout its two stories.

Having opened to the public in 1984, it now counts Macy’s, JCPenney, Best Buy, and Burlington among its flagship locations. Retail outlets selling apparel, cosmetics, and home goods are scattered liberally among them. 

Forty fantastic restaurants, ranging from fine dining establishments to casual fast food joints, are spread around the massive property. In addition, the Crossgates Common Plaza, located nearby, features even more shopping options, as well as an arcade and an IMAX theater.

11. The Times Union Center

One of the best places in Albany to see a theatre, play, or sporting event is right in the city’s heart. The Times Union Center is home to hundreds of unforgettable concerts and events each year, and it’s in a great location to boot.

The MVP Arena, formerly known as the Knickerbocker Arena, was constructed in 1990 to revitalize the central business district.

Since Frank Sinatra’s opening night performance, a wide variety of artists, from Celine Dion and Elton John to Fleetwood Mac and Justin Timberlake, have graced the stage of the multi-use complex.

The Albany Empire indoor football team and the Siena Saints college teams call this arena their home field. Monster Jam events, WWE battles, ice shows, and conventions are all held here.

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12. Taking A Trip To Ancient Troy

To reach Troy from Albany, head north along the Hudson River for about 15 minutes. The “Collar City” is a popular tourist destination due to its abundance of preserved Victorian buildings, as well as its noteworthy historical landmarks and unique antique shops.

Troy was a booming metropolis during the early stages of American industrialization because of its iron, steel, and textile industries. Decades of decline ensued as its manufacturers left, but now it has one of the country’s best-preserved downtown areas.

The abundance of Belle Epoque, Gothic Revival, and other Romantic-era townhouses on display makes its downtown a pleasure to stroll through.

Besides marveling at the city’s impressive architecture, daytrippers can peruse the wares at the waterfront farmers market or take a show in the acclaimed Troy Music Hall.

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When marketing to tourists, Albany needs to be more noticed. Despite being the state capital and home to world-class museums and theaters, the city is sometimes disregarded. Great museums and impressive sites fill the itinerary of those who want to see everything.

Those interested in the culture, history, and politics of the Empire State should also make the trip to Albany. The people of Albany are kind and welcoming, and the city has a vibrant nightlife.

Those from all walks of life can take advantage of the city’s bustling restaurant scene, which features numerous casual cafés and a wide variety of ethnic dining establishments. We hope you like this article on things to do near albany airport, Thanks for reading.

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