Best Things To Do At Dubai Airport in 2023

Best Things To Do At Dubai Airport

Is your Dubai layover brief enough that you won’t be able to leave the airport?

Check out these 18 things to do at dubai airport to see if you enjoy the city before continuing to your final destination.

18 Things To Do At Dubai Airport

1. Top The World At The Top Of The Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai, is the tallest structure in the world at over 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 stories. Take the fast elevators up to the 124th, 125th, or 148th level to take in the sights.

We suggest purchasing skip-the-line tickets because every second counts when you’re in transit. You can purchase an audio guide at the front desk for 25 AED (USD 7 | 6 EUR).

Guided tours are also available if you’d like to avoid the crowds and discover more about the city and this astounding architecture without figuring out the details.

2. Dubai Mall Is The Premier Shopping Destination.

The Dubai Mall should be visited after visiting Burj Khalifa. Over 1,200 businesses and hundreds of restaurants may be found in the world’s largest shopping center. A trip to the Dubai Mall is unlike any other.

You may eat at Aubaine, then fly an Emirates A380 on the ground floor’s cutting-edge flight simulator before shopping for the latest collections from the best designers at reasonable prices on the ground floor’s Fashion Avenue.

However, that’s not all; the Dubai Mall also houses the Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink, the children’s amusement center Kidzania, and a gigantic theatre complex, making it a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs.

To have so many options is both exciting and daunting. Depending on your needs, a personal shopper can take you on a trip that lasts anywhere from three to eight hours.

Tourscanner is the ideal place to find the perfect shopping excursion by comparing all available options in one convenient location.

3. Have A Great Time In The Gold And Spice Souks

Among the Emirate’s oldest souks is the Gold Souk. The actual gold jewelry stores that have made the city famous make even a casual stroll through the market a visual treat.

You may find a wide variety of genuine goods at the market, making it an excellent destination for souvenir shopping.

You can reach the Gold Souk in fewer than 5 minutes on foot. In the middle of the historic district, you’ll find the 50-plus-year-old Spice Souk.

Since Dubai was a major stop on the prestigious spice route due to the Emirates’ long trade history, you can find practically any kind of Spice or herb you could want in this vibrant Souk. If you’re going to see it, you better take it!

4. The Dubai Frame Is The Place To Take Professional-quality Photographs

Standing 150 meters (490 feet) above the ground in Zabeel Park, this odd building was built by Mexican architect Fernando Doris.

The strategically positioned landmark perfectly frames the majestic skyline of the city. Its top level is an observation platform from which you can take a breathtaking panorama of both the old and new parts of Dubai.

Visit the museum located at the base of the Frame to learn more about Dubai’s rich past and bright future. Avoid the long lines and make the most of your time here while waiting for your flight in Dubai by purchasing tickets in advance.

5. Visit The Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo To See Some Incredible Creatures.

Over 140 species, including 300 sharks and rays, may be seen in the Dubai Mall. The aquarium’s 48-meter-long tunnel provides an impressive look at the aquatic life within.

At the Underwater Zoo, you can meet animals like ferocious Piranhas, jovial Otters, a colony of Humboldt Penguins, and more as you stroll along the Rainforest, Rocky Shore, and Living Ocean environments.

6. The Mind-boggling Museum Of Illusions

Visit the Museum of Illusion to relax from your last flight and have some unexpected fun interacting with the many interactive displays.

Booking your tickets in advance on Tourscanner is highly recommended since the lines for this popular attraction can get very long.

7. Flying In A Helicopter Will Make You Gasp For Air.

You must have a bird’s-eye view of Dubai. See all its notable sights, including the Palm Jumeira, from above. This is the one to get if you only have a little time but still want to see everything.

If you’re interested in a helicopter tour around Dubai, check out Tourscanner to locate the perfect one.

8. A Must-do Activity Is Taking A Boat Cruise

It would help if you took a boat excursion in Dubai, and you’ll have plenty of options. Take a water taxi, such as an “Abra,” a Dhow, or a speedboat. Dinner cruises, the breathtaking Fountain display near the Burj Khalifa, and live entertainment performed right at your table are all available at very reasonable prices in the evening.

There is a boat excursion in Dubai that you will want to attend, no matter how long your stopover is, what time of day it is, or how much money you have.

9. Visit The Zen Gardens

Take a break from the airport’s concrete and stainless steel at the Zen Garden, which features koi ponds, plants, bushes, and palm trees. You can sit back and enjoy the trickling water by finding a bench while you wait for your boarding time.

If you’re preparing to go on a long-haul journey or have a quick layover in Dubai and feel exhausted, we highly recommend this!

10. Use A Sleep ‘n Fly Pod To Get Some Z’s.

I know it’s not a rock ‘n’ roll activity, but getting some shut-eye could help you feel more ready for takeoff. This is an excellent option if your flight is canceled or delayed or you have a brief layover at Dubai Airport.

Twenty pods in the ‘igloo’ style, with retractable roofs, may be found in Terminal 3. A bed set consists of a mattress, a throw for the backrest, a pillow, and a sheet. You can arrive unannounced and hope to get a sleeping pod or make a reservation in advance.

11. Take Advantage Of A Massage

Unless you’re flying in First or Business Class, you should expect a somewhat cramped flight experience.

Get a massage at one of the many spas in Dubai International Airport to help you relax and feel ready for your flight. You may get massages, facials, and reflexology at the XpresSpa in Terminal 2, Door B.

The Be Relax spa offers a variety of quick cures, including massages, at its several locations throughout the airport.

The Timeless Spa at the Dubai International Airport Hotel is a more abundant option if that’s what you’re after, and it’s open around the clock.

12. Talk To People You Know Or Those At Work

The Wi-Fi system at Dubai International Airport has been modernized significantly. There is now universal access to fast, free Wi-Fi throughout the airport.

Make phone calls or post online to let your pals know you’ve arrived safely or are just getting here. Thanks to the airport’s internet access, you can check your email and finish up any work you need before your flight.

13. Refuel At The Airport Lounge In Dubai

Those purchasing Business or First Class tickets at Dubai Airport can access exclusive lounges with gourmet food and drinks. If, on the other hand, you are traveling Economy Class, you will not be so fortunate, but you can still pay to use the Marhaba Lounge at Dubai International Airport.

They are located at various points throughout the airport and range from showers to a cinema to a play area for kids to a buggy service that will take you directly to your gate. For those only passing through, fares begin at Dh450.

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14. Exercise By Swimming Or Working Out

You can accomplish just about anything at Dubai International Airport. You may get in some laps at the G-Force health club in the Dubai International Airport Hotel if you have time to kill before or after your trip.

Facilities include a pool, hot tub, sauna, steam rooms, exercise room, and showers. You won’t feel like you’re at the airport pool because it’s a five-star hotel.

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Dubai, a previously relatively unknown city, now boasts one of the world’s most magnificent skylines. In 2019, about 17 million visitors visited the town for sightseeing, business, and shopping at some of the world’s top stores.

DXB Airport, located in Dubai, is home to one of the best airlines in the world, making it a massive hub where many international travelers stop for a few hours.

You may wonder about things to do at Dubai airport if you have a long layover there. Please come again.

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