Salt Lake City Airport Guide 2023

Salt Lake City Airport Guide 2023

The Salt Lake City Airport, situated on the city’s outskirts, serves as a significant military, domestic, and international hub. SLC unveiled its brand-new, state-of-the-art terminal to the public in 2020 after extensive renovations were finished, at which point the previous obsolete facilities were removed.

The construction of the new terminal took six years, and it now has 45 gates spread across two concourses. By 2024, the airport plans to have opened a further two concourses and forty gates.

Twenty-fifth busiest in the United States, Salt Lake City Airport sees approximately 330 thousand planes per year on its four runways. SLC sees around 25 million boarding and deplaning events annually.

That’s a considerable number of almost 60,000 passengers using the terminal daily. There’s a lot to see and do at Salt Lake City Airport terminal, so leave your bags at a luggage storage location.

Terminals Of Salt Lake City Airport

Phase 1 of the airport’s massive expansion project will be completed by the fall of 2020. Passenger congestion will be reduced, and transfer times will improve thanks to the “New SLC’s” two linear concourses, which replaced the previous five.

The airport’s new main terminal is located in the airport’s southwestern corner, and a brand-new four-lane road network provides access for drop-off and pick-up of passengers and airport shuttles. Across the street, near the terminal, is a brand-new parking garage that is reachable via a footbridge.

Car rental agencies and express check-in counters for airlines may be found at the Gateway Center, which is located just next to the parking garage.

Main Terminal

Level 1 is for foreign arrivals, Level 2 is for security and baggage claim, and Level 3 is for check-in. After passing through security, you’ll reach The Plaza, where you may choose from a wide variety of dining and retail options and gain entrance to the Delta Sky Club on the third floor.

International Arrivals (Level 1)

There is a security checkpoint, customs and immigration, and baggage claim for foreign passengers on the lower level of the main terminal. Shuttle buses, taxis, and ride-hailing services are available just outside the terminal building for anyone needing to get to their final destination.

Terminal 2, Check-Out And Luggage Claim

The terminal parking lot and Gateway Center can be reached from Level 2 through a moving walkway pedestrian bridge. This floor has a unified security checkpoint for all concourses, baggage claim, and a reception area.

Check-In (Level 3)

Passengers can be dropped off at the curbside of the terminal on the third floor, and once inside, they can use the airline check-in counters or the self-service kiosks. Once guests have checked in, they must take an elevator or escalator to the second floor, where the security checkpoint and other services are located.

Transitway A

Located to the west of The Plaza, Delta passengers can access Concourse A. All terminals and gates are located on the same ground level, except the tunnel leading to Concourse B.

Gates on Concourse A are numbered A1 through A20, A21, and A21A, and A22 through A25 and A25A. Numerous retail outlets and food establishments line the length of the concourse, with more on the way.

Terminal B’s Concourse

Underneath gates A13 and A15, you’ll find a pedestrian tunnel that leads to Concourse B. Currently, Concourse B (Gates B1–B22) and B (Gates B23–B24) are used by all other airlines.

Moving walkways cover the majority of the length of the concourse, and it also features numerous retail outlets and dining establishments.

Concourse Expansion

The second phase of the airport’s expansion project, which was expected to be finished in 2024, may be completed as early as 2022. A new central tunnel will replace the current temporary tunnel connecting Concourses A and B, and the two concourses will be extended to form the east and west sides.

Want to know how to make the most of your time during a layover in Salt Lake City? 

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The 10 Best Things To Do In Salt Lake City Airport :

  • Relax in the new Delta SkyClub in Salt Lake City Airport and enjoy the crisp mountain air and delicious cuisine.
  • Go out and shop, particularly for durable outdoor gear.
  • Use the new, enormous terminals as a walking treadmill.
  • Visit one of Salt Lake City’s newest five-star establishments for a curated cocktail.
  • Treat your taste buds to some of the best Tex-Mex in the world and some healthy selections.
  • Use the spa’s massage and other treatments to unwind and calm down.
  • Get some quiet in a comfy airport bench or hotel with day rooms.
  • With the terminals’ complimentary WiFi, you can jump on your work without breaking the bank.
  • To the inside of the terminal. Take the kids to Build-A-Bear Workshop for a memorable family outing!
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee brewed to barista standards.

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As a pilot who frequently transits through Salt Lake City Airport, I’ve found that SLC International Airport has become one of my favorite stopover destinations in recent years. Since SLC is a fast and convenient airport, you can do a lot during a three to five-hour layover there.

SLC is more than just a convenient transit hub; it is surrounded by gigantic snow-capped mountains that offer some of the world’s best skiing, has a vibrant downtown with world-class food, and offers spectacular hiking and climbing.

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