Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Parking

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Parking

The nearest and most convenient airport to Washington, DC, for commercial flights, is Reagan National Airport (DCA).

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport metropolitan region is also served by Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI).

DCA airport’s runways are located near the Potomac River, and the White House is only a four-mile drive away. You may reach the heart of the city and its administrative heart in under ten minutes.

Parking Lots 1 and 2 are your best bet in terms of proximity to the terminals. There are several long-term parking choices, including Economy Parking and Parkobility.

Washington Ronald Reagan International Airport Parking Fees

Parking at DCA is easy and inexpensive thanks to the straightforward system. Parking 1 and 2 at the terminal charge the same flat rate of $6 per hour for any short-term parking needs. Daily DCA Long Term Parking charges are $27 at terminal lots and $18 at the Economy lot.

Parkobility’s partners also offer a variety of parking garages and lots suitable for extended stays. The lowest-priced shuttle-service parking at DCA costs as little as $8.50 per day.

Term Parking At DCA

Long-term parking at DCA is available in three different lots:

  • Terminal parking garages (Parking 1 and Parking 2)
  • A plus is easy access to and from the terminals.
  • Costs the most at $27 a day, which is a significant drawback.

Value Parking

  • The daily fee of $18 is a significant saving. A convenient shuttle service is provided at no extra cost.
  • The terminals are several hundred feet away, which is a disadvantage. The shuttle service needs more time built into the schedule.

Parking Near DCA For The Short Term

  • Short-term parking is available in two lots, Parking 1 and Parking 2, just opposite the terminals (1 and 2). Each parking garage has a $6 hourly charge.
  • Fast transit between terminals is guaranteed via pedestrian connectors with moving walkways that link the two access points.

The Cell Phone Lot, ordinarily available for drop-offs and pick-ups, is closed due to ongoing development. Both terminals maintain the option for curbside drop-off and pick-up.

Passengers flying with Alaska, American, JetBlue, or United can now take advantage of a brand-new Express Drop-Off service. Take the purple signage labeling the area as “Express Passenger Drop Off” to get there.

Is there Any Benefit To Leaving My Car At A Hotel Rather Than The Airport?

There are various benefits to parking at a hotel near Reagan National Airport. To begin, you can get a hotel room the night before you fly by booking a Park, Stay, and Fly package at any hotel that offers parking near the airport. An excellent night’s sleep and a shower before catching a complimentary shuttle to the airport—all possible with the help of such a package.

The security of hotel parking is another perk. The many hotels near an airport’s parking garages are much more secure options than their garages, thanks to their fenced-in lots, locked entrances, and constant video surveillance. Lastly, hotel parking is cheaper than parking at DCA’s garages. Compared to the daily rate of $17 at Reagan Airport’s economy lot, hotel parking may be had for as little as $5.50.

What Are The Best Options For Hotel Parking Near Reagan National Airport?

A wide range of amenities is available at several hotels around DCA that provide off-site parking. Some parking lots provide covered spots, whereas others don’t. Some hotels provide shuttle service to the airport 24/7, while others only operate the service between 5 AM and 10 PM.

We recommend using a parking website or app, such as, to evaluate prices and services given by hotels in the DCA area. When you use a parking website or app, you can get great bundle packages that include hotel and parking reservations at a reduced price. You could use the internet to get the best-reviewed off-site lot that fits your needs.

Whether all else fails, you can always swing by the hotel’s parking lot to see if there’s enough room for your car and if it’s safe to leave it there.

Key Points Regarding Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Then you must be departing from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The main concern is, where will you leave your car if you drive down? To ensure a smooth parking experience at Washington Reagan Airport, we’ve compiled all the information you need, including DCA parking rates and directions to the airport, in one blog post.

Open Parking Spaces

You can park in one of the four main garages (Terminal A Garage, Terminal B Garage, Terminal C Garage, or the Economy Lot). The Terminal B Garage and the Terminal C Garage have comparable layouts and amenities. However, their gates are different. Disabled parking spots and a cell phone lot have also been established.

All garages are conveniently located and are dispersed over numerous parking lots. All parking lots at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport provide a shuttle service. Credit card payments are the quickest way to reserve parking at Reagan International Airport, while other methods are accepted.

Generally speaking, you can use any major credit card here. In addition to credit cards, we accept cash, albeit it takes a little longer to process. Just swipe your card at the terminal door and park in an accessible place. Sliding the same card again at the exit is required. Your card is automatically charged as you depart, and a receipt is printed.

Garage A, the parking garage, is conveniently placed near Gates 1 through 9. The entry is conveniently located adjacent to the drop-off area for rental cars. Please be aware that the public can only access Garage Levels 4 and 5. There are three airlines available: Frontier, Southwest, and Air Canada.

Accessible from Terminal A’s basement, Garage A features an enclosed walkway to the terminal. Let the elevator take you to the basement. Shuttles are available on Level 1 to transport you to the other terminals. After parking, make your way to the Parking/Rental Car shuttle stop. The presence of rental vehicle desks within the garage is an added amenity.

There is a $6 hourly and $25 daily rate for parking in Reagan’s Garage A. All forms of payment are welcome.

Parking Garages B & C, Terminal

Terminal The locations of garages B and C are adjacent to one another. Gates 10 through 22 and Gates 23 through 34 can be accessed from Garage B. Gates 23–34, as well as Gates 35–45, can be accessed from Garage C. five airlines use these two parking garages: United, Alaska, American, Delta, and JetBlue.

A covered hallway on Level 2 connects both to their respective terminals. Shuttles run from Garage A to all terminals, too. You can leave the building at Level 1 and find car rental counters outside.

Electric vehicle charging outlets are available on a first-come, first-served basis on the ground floor of Garages B and C at Reagan International Airport. Each hour costs $6, and a full day costs $25, just like in Garage A.

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Disabled Parking At Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Disabled parking is available at Reagan National Airport. All public parking lots offer reserved parking spots for them to meet their demands. In the Terminal Garages, you’ll find them close to the escalators and the pathways. Disabled parking slots are located near the shuttle stop in the Economy Garage.

Parking in the disabled section of Reagan National Airport is restricted to vehicles with a valid disabled parking placard or state-issued license plate. Other cars that try to park there will be ticketed and towed.

If the parking lot you want to use at Reagan National Airport is whole or almost complete, a uniformed attendant will direct you to the lot with the most available accessible parking spaces. Greeters are standing by the terminals’ exits and entrances. If you need an accessible parking space, ask for directions and provide your special needs parking placard.

Ramps and power chairs are installed on all shuttle buses to make them accessible to those using wheelchairs. There is no fee for this service.

Auto Rentals

Car rental counters may be found on Terminal Garage Level 1. It is available to club members on the second and third floors. There are two primary entrances to the airport, both of which lead directly to these levels. Jump on the Rental Car Parking shuttle to the third floor of Terminal Garage A.

Following the indications, you can also get to Terminal A on foot. Terminals A and B may be reached about 10 minutes on foot, while Terminal C is about 15 minutes away.

Transportation On The Ground

If you want to avoid taking the shuttle bus, Reagan International Airport has additional options.

Mobile App-based services

Authorized Drivers for Lyft and Uber will be allowed into the terminal to pick up passengers at prearranged locations. You may reach the drivers using the app and arrange a convenient meeting spot. Make use of the parking garages at the airport.

Escape From The Airport Shuttle

Alternatively, passengers may use authorized shuttle services not operated by the airport. These services, like Uber and Lyft, can be accessed by mobile application.

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Hourly, daily, and economy prices are available for the airport’s 9,400 parking spots at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The G.W. Memorial Parkway and the airport terminal provide direct access to all parking lots.

In addition, from all Parking Garages/Lots to Terminals A, B, and C, and back again, are complimentary airport shuttle buses. Buses run at 8- to 10-minute intervals. Thanks for stopping by.

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