Logan International Airport Guide – Everything You Should Know

Logan International Airport guide

Logan International Airport guide: In 2019, Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) served 42 million passengers, with about 10 percent flying in from abroad. Surprisingly small for such a central hub, the airport spans only 1,700 acres (the second-smallest footprint of the 20 busiest U.S. airports). Boston (BOS) serves as a transatlantic hub for Delta Air Lines and as a target location for JetBlue.

How to Get There and How to Leave Logan International Airport

Using the T, the public transit system serving the greater Boston area, to and from Logan Airport is your best bet. If you can avoid driving, you should not. Shuttles to all Logan terminals are available by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Silver Line bus, which may be boarded from South Station and provides luggage storage.

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), the airport’s owner and operator, offers a complimentary shuttle to and from Airport Station if catching the Blue Line from your hotel or destination is more convenient.

The Silver Line (which begins service at 5:30 a.m.) and the Blue Line (at 6:00 a.m.) are now operational. Both of these activities last until 2:30 in the morning. The Silver Line connects Logan Airport with South Station, New England’s main train and bus hub, for free, while the Red Line operates without charge.

You can connect to Amtrak, buses, and the commuter rail there or utilize the MBTA travel planner to find out where to go. Even from Hull, the MBTA provides a commuter boat. 

To conclude, here’s some advice from the pros: Passengers who ride the MBTA ferry from Downtown Boston or the Logan Express bus from Back Bay Station (including complimentary shuttle buses) are given a ticket to bypass security checkpoints at the airport.

Look for an orange sign designating separate security lanes at the airport (the ticket is orange too).

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Understanding Logan International Airport: The Fundamentals

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport was named after a Boston-area military officer and politician who died in 1939. “Logan” is acceptable.

The airport covers a large area in East Boston and a smaller one near Winthrop, Massachusetts. It offers its passengers four terminals and six runways (A, B, C, and E).

Contact jet bridges connect the terminal’s 94 gates, and nine gates are dedicated to smaller aircraft (the kind where you walk outside before boarding your plane). In total, 43 airlines fly in and out of Logan.

It’s always accessible, but when security checkpoints close each night, passengers must wait in public, pre-security areas until security reopens at 4 a.m. (check out this guide to sleeping in the airport).

It is a hub for Delta flights and is the largest airport in the United States north of New York City. There are 76 domestic and 58 nonstop international destinations accessible from Logan.

Perhaps most crucially, three Dunkin’ Donuts are always open in Logan. The airport is convenient for picking up a rental car from any of the principal agencies.

Still, parking is pricey compared to other U.S. airports, and getting around the city and its environs is a hassle (the congestion is notorious, and the streets need to be better marked in some places). Take the T if you can, and if not, there are taxis, Uber, and Lyft waiting at each terminal.

The Logan Express provides another non-car option for getting from the airport to the suburbs. There is a daily parking cost of $7 in the parking garage owned by the bus company, and stops are in Back Bay, Braintree, Framingham, Woburn, and Peabody.

In the Neighborhood

There are plenty of hotels surrounding the airport, albeit they may be on the pricier side. Here are some suggestions for hotels close to Logan Airport:

  • Hilton Boston The Hilton, which features a sky bridge and free shuttle service to and from Logan Airport, is a top choice for travelers. Remember that this airline welcomes pets if you plan to take them on your flight (more on traveling through Logan with pets here). If you have kids, you should visit the New England Aquarium, about two miles away.
  • The Embassy Suites Boston: Guests of Logan Airport can use the complimentary shuttle service to reach this establishment within five minutes by car. The Museum of Science is close by, and so are a few good eateries.
  • The Hyatt Regency Boston Airport is a luxury hotel with a complimentary airport shuttle and convenient proximity to Logan International Airport. The trip to downtown Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace is only a short drive away.
  • In Chelsea, north of Boston, you’ll find the TownePlace Suites by Marriott. Full kitchens are included in the rooms.

Logan International Airport Terminals

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) has four terminals: A, B, C, and E, located in the airport’s northern, southern, and eastern quadrants, respectively.

All terminals and parking garages are easily accessible via vehicle thanks to a loop that branches out from Interstate 90. Walkways connect the terminals; some are located within the guarded area, while others are outside.

The second level of Terminal A at Boston Logan Airport is where passengers may purchase tickets and access the gates. Massport/Delta Air Lines/WestJet flights depart from the main terminal and a satellite concourse connected to the main terminal by an underground corridor at Terminal A.

The main building of Terminal A houses 11 gates (labeled A1 through A11), as well as retail outlets and the exclusive Delta Sky Club.

Tunnels with moving walkways lead to the satellite terminal below the earth. The satellite terminal has ten gates, designated A13–A22. Before approaching gate A18, you can stop by the Delta Sky Club or one of the many shops and restaurants that line the concourse.

Boston Logan International Airport’s Terminal A, Level 1: Baggage Claim and Ground Transportation. Ground transportation is available outside of Terminal A’s lowest level.

The B Terminal

Check-in and Security Checkpoints, Level 2

Location: the second floor of Terminal B of Boston Logan Airport. 

Domestic flights are serviced exclusively by Terminal B, a U-shaped structure with parking inside the U and departure gates around the outside.

There are 39 gates in Terminal B, labelled B1 through B12, B14 through B31, B31A, B32 through B35, B35A, and B36 through B40. Passengers from the north or south terminal must pass through separate security checks.

There is a United Club on the northeast side of the terminal and an American Airlines Admirals Club on the southern side. On both ends, you may find a wide variety of stores and eateries, including not one but two Legal Sea Foods, three Starbucks, and three Dunkin’ Donuts. Baggage Claim and Ground Transportation Level 1 of Terminal B at Boston Logan Airport. 

Both the north and south terminal exits have ground transportation waiting for you on the lower level. Passengers can access some facilities from the sidewalk, while others need them to cross into the median.

Gates and Ticketing for Terminal C, Level 2

Boston Logan Airport, Concourse C, Level 2. 

Domestic and international flights depart from Terminal C, an X-shaped structure with a ticketing area in its center and departure gates along its four arms. Gates in Terminal C range in number from C8 to C12, C14 to C34, C36, and E1, E1A, E2, and E3.

You won’t have to go far to find a place to eat before your flight. There are stores and eateries conveniently positioned throughout Terminal C’s departures area, and The Lounge can be found in the terminal’s northwest corner.

Boston Logan International Airport, Terminal C, Level 1. Baggage Claim and Ground Transportation.  Terminal C’s lower level is where passengers can collect their bags upon arrival and where they can also access the terminal’s ground transportation options.

Tickets and Gates, Floors 2 and 3 of Terminal E

The primary International Terminal at BOS is Terminal E.

Departure gates E4 through E12 and ticketing can be found on level 3 of Terminal E. Along the terminal’s connecting corridor to Terminal C, along the upper level, are gates E1, E1A, E2, and E3.

There are two security checks in the terminal, one in the terminal’s central area and another near the terminal’s connection to Terminal C. The concourse is filled with stores and eateries, with only a small selection available before security checkpoints.

British Airlines, Lufthansa, Emirates, and Virgin Atlantic have elevators leading to their respective lounges next to gate E11. Baggage Claim and Ground Transportation Level 1 of Terminal E at Boston Logan International Airport. Terminal E’s bottom level is where passengers will find ground transportation services upon arrival.

Transportation Between Terminals

Shuttle buses run between the terminals, the car rental facility, and the airport train station at BOS. There are six bus lines, each running every 5 or 6 minutes:

  • Stations served by Route 11 Bus (operates daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
  • Airport station and rental car center to Terminals A and B via Bus 22. (runs daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
  • Terminals C and E can take Bus 33 to reach the airport’s main terminal and car rental facility (which operates daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
  • Bus 55 serves as a connection between the airport’s terminals and the rental car and train depots (operates early morning and late evening off-peak hours)
  • Terminal-to-Airport-Station-to-Logan-Office-Center-to-Water-Transportation-Dock: Bus 66
  • Pick up and drop off at all terminals and the low-cost parking lot is easy with Bus 88.


Terminals A, B, C, and E are the four significant terminals at Boston Logan Airport. Domestic flights use Terminals A, B, and C, each having separate Arrivals and Departures levels.

Any international flights are handled at Terminal E: Arrivals may be found on the first floor, while departures can be found on the second and third floors. We have already provided you with crucial details regarding Logan Airport.


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