JFK Airport (Complete Guide 2023)

JFK Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport (also known as JFK) is the busiest airport in the United States and is located in the Jamaica section of Queens. Starring roles in huge Hollywood movies like The Goodfellas, Catch Me If You Can, and The Terminal contributed to JFK’s global popularity. Read our JFK airport full 2023 guide.

The airport is the most popular entry point for international flights to North America. Even though it’s not the most convenient airport for getting out of the city, JFK is your best bet for getting on a flight.

Even if you have to wait hours at the airport, you will be satisfied because of its convenient location and high-quality amenities. 

Advice For JFK Airport

After a brief introduction to JFK Airport, we will provide some valuable pointers for getting around the airport. It is understandable to feel overwhelmed by it all. Yet, fret not; assistance is at hand.

As a first step, schedule your trips around off-peak hours. This indicates you should postpone your trip until Monday. Typically, lines will be shorter, and fewer people will be on hand during the week. Plan your trip for the middle of the week.

And second, give yourself plenty of time. Getting from one point to another at JFK Airport can take some time because of the airport’s size. Take your time with the airport if you’ve never been there before.

Third, study the airport layout ahead of time. The first step is to locate your terminal by looking at an airport map. To do so successfully also requires familiarity with the whereabouts of amenities like toilets and security checks. A better understanding of the airport’s layout will make finding your way around less hassle.

Directions To The Airport

Getting to JFK Airport can be done in several ways. Queens is home to New York City’s airport, conveniently located for travelers from Manhattan or Long Island.

There are several options for getting to Brooklyn from Manhattan, including the subway, the bus, taxis, and ridesharing services like Uber. Those taking public transportation can easily reach the airport via the A rail.

The trip should take around one hour. Your trip to the airport on the Q70 SBS bus will take about 90 minutes. Consider an additional 60 minutes of travel time if you choose a taxi or Uber.

JFK Airport is accessible from anywhere in the world. It would help if you left plenty of spare time to avoid missing your flight.

How Much Money Would I Need For An Uber Ride Plus An Hour In A Taxi To Go To Manhattan?

The fare for an Uber from JFK to Midtown Manhattan is around $60. It will cost around $70 to $80 for a taxi ride. Many factors, including time of day and day of the week, come into play.

How Can I Get To New York City Without Breaking The Bank?

Taking the AirTrain to the Howard Beach subway stop is the most cost-effective method of getting to Manhattan from JFK Airport.

The A train provides access to Midtown Manhattan from that location. About $7.50 is what you’ll spend on the entire trip. Budget-minded vacationers frequently use the Jamaica station. 

The E train stops at Jamaica Station, where you can access the rest of the subway system, including Midtown Manhattan. Approximately $9.50 is what you’ll need to cover transportation.

How Safe Is It Here, Exactly?

Those entering or leaving the country via an American airport will be subject to the same security checks as those traveling domestically.

The acronym SSSS stands for “Secondary Security Screening Selection.” Being selected for SSSS does not indicate wrongdoing on your part. It means that your examination will be more in-depth than usual.

You’ll have to remove your shoes and jacket and empty your pockets if selected for SSSS, which happens at a particular security checkpoint. All your personal belongings, including your shoes, will need to be scanned by an X-ray machine. Finally, a body scanner check may be necessary.

You shouldn’t worry; the whole thing takes approximately 15 minutes. Make sure you leave plenty of time to get to the airport and check-in for your flight.

In Total, How Many Terminals Are There?

  • The six terminals at JFK Airport are numbered 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8. Most foreign flights now leave Terminal 4, the newest terminal. You can check the JFK Airport website or ask airport staff members for your flight’s departure terminal if you need clarification.
  • Terminal 1 at JFK Airport opened in 1998 under the auspices of the Terminal One Group, a coalition of many major operational carriers.
  • Superjumbo aircraft like the Airbus A380 can be accommodated at Terminal 1 and the entire Terminal 4 terminal.
  • Delta flights are serviced from Terminal 2 at JFK Airport, also known as the Delta JFK Terminal. Gates C60–C70 can be found there.
  • After its 2013 opening, JFK Terminal 4 became the primary facility for international arrivals at JFK Airport. Delta Airlines and other airlines use it as a significant global hub for its long-haul flights.
  • Several airlines serve JFK Terminal 5, but JetBlue Airways is the largest.
  • The TWA Flight Center, constructed by Eero Saarinen and now restored, is located behind Terminal 5. A pedestrian bridge links the hub with Terminal 5.
  • British Airways is the primary airline operating out of Terminal 7 at JFK Airport, while other airlines also use this terminal.
  • Regarding JFK Airport terminals, Terminal 8 is by far the largest. Its dimensions are double that of New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Almost 13 million passengers per year can be processed through the terminal.

Comfortable Spots To Unwind Amid JFK’s Hectic Terminal

If your flight is delayed or you have a long stopover at JFK, you can relax at one of the airport’s many lounges. Even if you’re not flying first or business class, you may buy a day pass to use these lounges.

Lounges in Terminal 1

Lounge of Air France

Newly remodeled, this lounge now features a gourmet buffet, a casual brasserie serving French food, and Night Service for guests with overnight flights. In 2019, the club welcomed the La Prairie Spa, where guests can book massages, facials, and other spa services before entering the area. 

Staying in touch is a breeze with the complimentary Wi-Fi, and if you need to freshen up, use one of the hotel’s showers. Priority Pass members can also use the Air France lounge, conveniently positioned close to Gate 1.

KLM’s First-Class Lounge for Business Passengers

You may find a cold buffet, plush chairs, and a great view of the tarmac at this lounge conveniently positioned close to Gate 3. To assist you in getting your work done, we have provided workstations with printers and photocopiers, as well as showers. 

Those with a Priority Pass or a Diners Club card can use this lounge late afternoon and early evening.

The Air India Maharaja Lounge, Terminal 4

The Gate B lounge is more intimate with its TV, dining, and reading sections. Indian cuisine, both hot and cold, and snacks are available at the buffet and a little bar. 

Lounge access is complimentary for business class and first class travelers flying Air India.

It’s Like Being in the Delta Sky Club

The Delta lounge in Terminal 2 can’t compete with the amenities available at Terminal 4. You’ll be granted entry if you are a Delta SkyTeam member, an American Express Platinum cardholder, a Delta Premium Select traveler, or a Virgin Australia First Class customer. To the extent that there is availability, day passes can be purchased for a price. 

This spacious lounge has a wide selection of seating options, including a quiet area with high-walled chairs for seclusion and a business center with numerous workstations.

The buffet features both hot and cold options, and there’s even a patio where you can eat while taking in some fresh air.

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The El-Al King-David Club

You can gain entry to this club and bring along one friend if you are a King David Club member or an elite passenger on El Al Israel Airlines. There is both hot and cold food, as well as showers, for your convenience. 

Relax your tense muscles with a trip to the spa for a full-body massage or a few minutes in a massage chair. All the amenities of a fully-stocked business center can be found in this comfortable lounge.

Emirates Club

This lounge is accessible for Emirates’ first-class, business-class, and elite departing passengers and costs extra for economy travelers.

Premium passengers can use the lounge’s jetway to board the plane without passing through the main terminal, where regular passengers must pass through security first. 

In addition to a business center with laptops and printers, this hotel features a halal hot and cold buffet and gourmet, in-house cuisine. The lounge also provides a place to shower and pray.

Location: Terminal 8

American Airlines Flagship Lounge

There are multiple shower suites, a wide variety of comfy couches, a quiet space, and private work pods in this luxurious lounge for first-class travelers to use before their trip. You can help yourself to Champagne and liquor at the buffet and dine à la carte at the Flagship Bridge.

The Admirals Club, American Airlines

This Admirals Club Lounge is open to all premium class passengers, oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members, and those who have paid the one-time lifetime fee to join the Admirals Club.

Individual cubicles provide quiet space for individuals who need to get work done, while a designated play area for kids is filled with activities like board games and video games. 

While waiting for your flight, get a snack or relax in the TV lounge. The Flagship Bridge is a mini-lounge within the lounge exclusive to first-class passengers, featuring the same gourmet fare as the Flagship Lounge.

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John F. Kennedy International Airport is the principal airport servicing New York City and is one of the busiest airports in the United States.

The number of passengers it served in 2019 was close to 60 million. Indeed, New York International Airport isn’t in the top five busiest airports in the United States.

However, the fact that it’s the busiest airport for international flights into North America still makes it a crucial hub for international travelers. We hope this was a useful post. 

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