Beijing Daxing International Airport – Best Guide

Beijing Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport: In addition to Beijing Capital Airport, Beijing has the magnificent Daxing Airport, the world’s second-largest aerodrome (PEK). The enormous “starfish” is built ingeniously to be wholly practical (the distance from each gate to any other is less than 600 meters), environmentally responsible, and lavishly stunning all at once.

The Chinese gargantuan master plan, which will cost US $17.47 billion and be located in Daxing District, 46 kilometers from Beijing’s city center, is meant to relieve pressure on the crowded old Beijing airport and accommodate a total of 100 million passengers per year.

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Beijing Daxing International Airport

When Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) opened in September 2019, it was immediately hailed as a technological and design feat. This airport is Beijing’s second main international airport.

In terms of size, it is up there with the biggest airports in the world. The distance between the new airport and central Beijing is 45 kilometers, whereas that to Beijing Capital International Airport is 65 kilometers.

In addition to serving as a hub for airlines from the SkyTeam alliance, Daxing International Airport also serves as a primary hub for some Oneworld member airlines.

Aeroflot, Air China, Air Macau, Beijing Capital Airlines, British Airways, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, China United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Etihad Airways, Finnair, Hebei Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Royal Brunei Airlines, S7 Airlines, Swiss, Vietnam Airlines, XiamenAir.

Beijing Daxing International Airport COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Quarantine in a unique facility for 14 days and a nucleic acid test are the standard operating procedure for all international arrivals. Quarantine expenses are the traveler’s responsibility.

Moreover, at the beginning of March 28, 2020, Chinese authorities stopped allowing foreign nationals with legitimate visas or resident permits admission into the country. Also, there is no access to 144-HOUR VISA-FREE TRANSIT.

However, diplomatic, service, courtesy, or category “C” visa holders will still be allowed admission. As of March 28, 2020, anyone with a valid visa yet to visit China may enter the country.

The requirement for new visas to enter China will be lifted for foreign people holding valid Chinese residency permits for jobs, personal concerns, and reunions as of September 28, 2020, at midnight.

Suppose a foreign national’s residence permit falls under one of the three categories listed above and expires after midnight on March 28, 2020.

In that case, the holder may apply for a new visa by presenting the expired residence permit and other required documents to one of China’s embassies or consulates, provided that the holder’s reason for visiting China has stayed the same.

Beijing Daxing International Airport Terminals

All of the airport’s services and amenities may be found in one central hub, surrounded by five connecting corridors, at the airport with the second-largest terminal structure in the world.

The airport’s design is so innovative that travelers can walk up to 8 minutes to reach their gate, despite the building’s size. The terminal has two levels, one for arrivals and one for departures. There are plans to expand the Daxing airport complex to include a second terminal building in the future.

Beijing Daxing International Airport Hotels

The new airport is convenient for a wide range of hotels. A wide range of lodging options is available, from opulent 5-star hotels to budget-friendly hostels and bed and breakfasts, depending on the traveler’s budget, personal tastes, and travel goals. Remember that certain hotels in China will only take reservations from guests who are Chinese.

Possibilities and Assistance

Daxing Airport, located in Daxing County, features the world’s second-largest passenger terminal and is known for its cutting-edge security systems. The new Beijing airport is built to function in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

It has embraced advanced methods for travelers and luggage checking-in to reduce waiting times and other passenger hassles. Find out as much as possible about the services and amenities offered at Daxing Airport.

Beijing Daxing International Airport Parking 

Take advantage of the safe, affordable, and easily accessible parking options available at Daxing Airport. There are almost 4,800 parking spaces accessible at the airport, with 4,200 located inside the two Parking Facilities and the remaining 800 located around the perimeter. In addition to standard conveniences like vehicle washes and charging stations, automated parking robots add a new level of service.

Rest Stop at the Airport

Do you find yourself waiting for your connecting flight at Daxing airport? Waiting for several hours can be inconvenient and a waste of time. You might treat your time waiting at Daxing Airport as a “mini-vacation” and make the most of your schedule.

With your Temporary Entry Card and the visa waiver in writing, you can spend 24 hours in Beijing, experiencing the city’s top attractions without needing a visa. In contrast, if you’re not in the mood or can spend any money to leave the airport, you’ll find plenty to do at Daxing Airport.

The Best way to get to Daxing Airport.

The airport can be reached in four simple ways.

1. Driving

The middle part of the Daxing Airport North Line Expressway and the Daxing Expressway officially opened to traffic on July 1. There are 4,238 parking spots in the airport’s parking garage, which is located on the airport’s northern side.

2. Transfer Bus at the Airport

Five daylight lines have been built from Daxing Airport to Beijing Station, Beijing South Station, Beijing West Station, Tongzhou District Station, and Fangshan District Station; one nighttime line has been opened from Daxing International Airport to the first three doors of Beijing Station (Xuanwu Door, Qian Door, Chongwen Door). Purchasing a ticket will set you back to CNY40.

3. High-speed rail to Daxing Airport

The high-speed train to Daxing Airport has been built and is currently undergoing testing. The trip from Caoqiao to Daxing Airport takes just 19 minutes. A standard one-way ticket costs CNY35, while a Business class ticket costs CNY50.

Xiamen Airlines offers everyone a 20% discount on tickets with a valid boarding card. The Daxing Airport Line offers the same benefits as the “High-Quality Air Passenger Dedicated Line,” which it closely mimics.

4. Intercity Railroad

A high-speed train runs between Beijing West and Daxing Airport stations on the Jingxiong Intercity Railway, stopping in Huangcun. The fastest train takes about 28 minutes and costs CNY30 per ticket.

It’s possible to switch between the Jingxiong Intercity, Langzhuo Intercity, and New Airport lines and the metro, city rail, and more in the Daxing Airport underground.

In a matter of minutes, you can switch between several modes of transportation. Soon, Xiamen Airlines travelers can purchase a combination of plane tickets and high-speed train tickets for the ultimate hassle-free travel.


Beijing New Airport, also known as Beijing Daxing International Airport, is a hub for over a hundred airlines. Daxing Airport’s layout is reminiscent of a phoenix, with a central terminal building connected to five wings housing more than eighty gates.

It has become a significant transportation hub for the greater Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Province, including Beijing, Tianjin, Langfang, Baoding, Hengshui, and Xiong’an New Area.

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