May 12 - Press Call Re Norwegian Air International 

The President      

The White House        

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.               

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

We applaud your Administration for affirming America’s Open Skies aviation policy in the recent tentative decision of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to grant a foreign air carrier permit to Norwegian Air International (NAI). As members of and representatives of leading organizations with a huge stake in the growth of travel and tourism, and in a global aviation market focused on consumers and vigorous airline competition, we stand in resolute support of you and Secretary Anthony Foxx in proposing to grant NAI’s foreign air carrier permit. We urge DOT to promptly issue a final order so NAI can begin offering American consumers affordable fares, new non-stop routes to Europe and superb service on state-of-the-art, environmentally unmatched Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

The benefits of Open Skies are amply documented. For example, an extensive peer-reviewed study found that Open Skies agreements generate at least $4 billion in annual gains to travelers on U.S. international routes, including almost a 15% reduction in fares. These pro-consumer, pro-growth, pro-competition agreements have opened markets for U.S. airlines in 120 countries, allowing them to attain profits unequaled in world aviation history. Literally millions of American jobs - in the tourism industry, in our world-leading aerospace sector, as well as at U.S. airlines and airports - owe their existence to America’s quarter century of leadership in Open Skies. 

Unfortunately, some special interests, having gained the benefits of Open Skies for themselves, now seek to pull up the ladder and block competition by competitor airlines from other countries. The labor unions attacking NAI would have our nation violate the international obligations in the historic Open Skies Agreement with the European Union by denying NAI’s long-pending application for a permit. Fortunately, the Department of Transportation - in lockstep with the Legal Adviser of the Department of State and the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice - has rejected the unions’ unfounded arguments.  We, the undersigned, commend the Administration for the care of its legal analysis and the clarity of its unimpeachable conclusion that “there is no legal basis to deny NAI’s application.”

The need for independent, innovative airlines such as NAI has never been more compelling, especially in the transatlantic market where three antitrust-immunized alliances control of the market has increased from 55% to roughly 80% in the last six years.  NAI will inject competition and lower fares into existing and new markets, and drive efficiency, consumer choice, and increased service to underserved communities.

We urge that your Administration stay the course, finalize the grant of a foreign air carrier permit to NAI, and affirm that consumers - not special interests - represent the North Star in U.S. aviation policy.

Most respectfully,

Signatories and Members of

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Orbital Sciences Corporation  

Washington Airports Task Force

Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau 

Orlando International Airport

FedEx Express

Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Authority

Chicago Rockford International Airport

Northern Virginia Business Travel Association

Bridgewater State University 

Business Travel Coalition

Travelers United

Association for Airline Passenger Rights

International Foundation For Aviation And Development

Hickory Global Partners

World Travel, Inc.

The Travel Team, Inc.

BCD Travel

ABB, Inc. 

ABC Holiday 

Ad Hoc Committee 

Air Evac EMS, Inc

American Star Travel

Anthony Travel, Inc.

Global Point Travel Solutions

Contract Travel

Colwick Travel

Hidden Treasure Tours 


Barjac, Inc.

BCD Travel

Beyond Boundaries Travel/Bike Beyond Boundaries


Central Texas Doula Association

CFA Institute

AB Electrolux

Redfern Travel

Changing Planes

CI Travel

Colwick Travel

Contract Travel

Corporate Travel Partners Limited

Cutty Sark Tours, Travel and Car Hire Limited


David Brudney & Associates

DreamJet SAS d/b/a La Compagnie

Ed Perkins, Consumer Advocate 

Peter Schauer Associates

Geraci Travel

Global Travel Identity Solutions LLC

Global Travel Strategies

GlobalPoint Travel Solutions

Go Travel

Greater Atlanta Malayalee Association

Group Travel Partners

HNL Travel Associates

Michael Gallis & Associates

Hotel Villa Deux Rivieres

John S Stow Consulting, LLC 

KnightConsult LLC

Leisure Life 

LXR Travel LLC

Marine Services, Inc.

nuTravel Technology Solutions


Petroleum Geo-Services

Redfern Travel

RTI International

Shrishti Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd

SYKES Enterprises

Technical Reality

Tekla Corporation

The Data Exchange

The Travel Company 

The Travel Insider

Travel Management Partners, Inc.

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Travelwise International

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