BTC membership center

Below are five memberships plans that are recur-billed on either a quarterly or annual basis. You can only pay on an annual basis, however, with American Express or Discover, or by check. For additional membership information, see links in the right hand column.

quarterly billing

Amex, Discover, Visa, MasterCard Cost
Quarterly Recurring Silver Membership $12.25
Quarterly Recurring Gold Membership $24.75
Quarterly Recurring Platinum Membership $37.25
Quarterly Recurring Titanium Membership $625.00
Quarterly Recurring Double Titanium Membership $1250.00

annual billing

Amex, Discover ONLY (1) Cost
Annual Recurring Silver Membership $49.00
Annual Recurring Gold Membership $99.00
Annual Recurring Platinum Membership $149.00
Annual Recurring Titanium Membership $2500.00
Annual Recurring Double Titanium Membership $5000.00

(1) Visa and MasterCard restrict BTC to quarterly billing.