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Mark Chaskiel, FBI Travel Melbourne, Australia--"Clean, clear and to the point. Amongst all of the other industry news I have to read, your pages give me relevant big picture news."

Gary Mortensen, Travel Manager, NBBJ--“I make this a first read every morning because it gives me some concise insight on the top travel issues facing all of us.”

Todd Wadzinski, Statewide Travel Manager, State of New York--"Kevin, my colleagues and I look forward to Travelogue every day. It's the only place where we can get a comprehensive listing of the day's main travel news. The various BTC reports/studies also help us in our contract negotiations. Keep up the great work!"

David Thorne, Manager, Business Travel Sales, Ross & Babcock Travel--“BTC Travelogue is one of the first industry news distribution channels that I read every day.  I appreciate your advocacy on behalf of the corporate travel community and find your emails well presented.  It is an extremely helpful tool.”

Margee Gilbert, Director of Client Services, The Travel Team, Inc.--“I look very forward to BTC Travelogue every day. It serves as a tremendous help in keeping current on industry developments and assists me with factual knowledge that I can share with my client base."

Bill Ritchie,"Thanks for your Travelogue; every morning my first stop."

Dick Grimm, Assistant Attorney General, New York State--"Kevin, Excellent idea. I consult your useful site frequently and pay attention to your well-considered opinions."

Terry Trippler, President, Terry, Inc.--"Travelogue is the FIRST read in the morning. I can be working or reading any item and when Travelogue arrives in my e-mail I stop and switch to Travelogue. How can it improve? Something always could use improving but Travelogue just may be that exception. Keep it just the way it is. Great job - just great!"

Joe Sharkey, The New York Times--"Kevin, I very much like the Travelogue. Nice editing and selections of stories. Best."      

Bonita Gaugler, Harleysville Insurance--"BTC plays a major leadership role by communicating travel industry news to corporate travel executives and managers....BTC is the 1st to get the news in our hands."

Ralph Randle, Logitech--"Hello Kevin, I will be renewing by check. I really like your site, especially all the links and the daily updates. It my "one source" for travel information."

Krista Pappas, New York Times on the Web--"Kevin, Kudos on a job well done with the site. You have accomplished a very key goal - Making your site a must read every day! Nice selection of stories, with useful facts. You are building a powerful network and giving your readers interesting and new ways to communicate."

Jay Conrad Levinson, Coauthor, Guerrilla Travel Tactics--"BTC Travelogue is by far the best when it comes to quickly getting the latest business travel news I need to know. And I love the links to air, hotel and other travel news available by clicking on the News Hubs options on the right."

Birgit Roeterdink, Director Global Travel & Meetings Procurement, NV Organon, The Netherlands--“In this fast world of limited available time, this website keeps me updated on the major items in a quick and efficient way. Thanks.”

Leslie Trott, Consultant, Globetrotter Tourism Consulting--“Great compilation of relevant global industry information. Thoroughly enjoy the commentaries.”

Shalini Gujavarty, Airline Account Manager, Expedia, Inc.--“Travelogue is able to select the 5 or 6 "good reads" of the day from highly-regarded publications and aggregate them in an accessible, efficient way.”

Marty Craig, Sr. Partner, Page, Rich, Tremain & Craig, LLC--Kevin, "I wanted to take a brief moment to express my appreciation for the information our firm gets from BTC and for the many issues that it has addressed regarding the struggling airline industry. Most appreciated."

David Danby, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.--"Dear Kevin, I attended your roundtable meeting yesterday afternoon and the BABTA/SVBTA dinner last night and enjoyed very much hearing you speak. I do read BTC everyday and will look forward to hearing your radio show. I also appreciate your efforts with Congress to explain the realities of business travel and travel management."

Patrick Murphy, Partner, Gerchick-Murphy Associates--“Love the site. Your travelogue is superior. I read it every morning. The technical presentation is attractive and easy to use. Your selection of stories is astute as the report is edited to only the most important news and not clogged with extraneous material. Thanks.  Keep up the great work.”

Karen Gray, Director of Sales & Marketing North America, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts--“Headlines! Quick glance at what is new and compelling - great!”

Otto F. Specht, Passenger Sales, AMR Corp.--"I view this site daily, it is excellent and always worth a look. Having such an information resource to us folks in the business is invaluable. One grateful customer!"

Kurt Whitehead, CCTE Travel Manager--"Kevin, Your newsletter is one of my most valuable resources--it is timely and useful. Since I have limited time to read industry publications, I rely on you. Thanks for your product and I look forward to the changes."

Chris Matz, Boston Coach--"Kevin, Outstanding information, thank you!"                       

Cindy Chapin, Scripps--"I  really appreciate this information.  It is timely, pertinent, and concise.  Thank you very much.  It helps me to be a more valuable asset to my boss."                          

Diane Witt, Travel Programs Manager, Attachmate Corporation--"I just wanted to thank you for sending this Travelogue out.  The quality is excellent, and it's comforting to know that other professionals are seeing the same information. I think this will help to further educate and unite our profession. You are doing a great job!"                                                  

Kenneth P. Quinn, PILLSBURY WINTHROP LLP--"Good idea. Well done. You've really done a remarkable job for consumers and travel, with seemingly little resources.  My hat's off to you."                         

John Gallagher, Detroit Free Press--"Just want to say how useful I find your daily roundup of aviation news. It's my first stop every morning!"

Norm Wilson--"Brilliant journalism today--the two counterposed headers on United and US Airways.  Much enjoyed this effort." 

Rick Cornelisse, Managing Director, THE CORNEL GROUP--"Kevin, congratulations from Minneapolis/St. Paul, your BTC Travelogue concept & format is outstanding! All my personal & professional compliments, along with continued success in supporting the market so well."