Industry Comments

“Kevin is one of the most productive people in the travel industry. He is the conscience of the industry, acting as an advocate for all aspects of the industry. He tries to right the wrongs that occur and goes after them with a focused, single-minded pursuit. Kevin is a creative thinker, passionate in his pursuits, and not only understands the issues he is currently working, but develops and implements a strategy on how to correct. He is one of the best I have ever met at building relationships, partnerships and/or coalitions. I am always in awe on how hard he works and more importantly, what he accomplishes.” - Chris Dane, President, HRG North America

“Kevin is nothing short of an absolutely outstanding individual and exceptional visionary.  Kevin is a highly principled individual who deals ethically and straight up whether talking business or testifying before Congress. He is highly respected by the industry he serves and takes great care of his clients. It has been my pleasure and honor to work closely with Kevin over the past three years.” - Luke Thomas, Vice President, FLO Corp.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kevin for many years and have always found him to be a tremendous resource on the goings on within our very complex industry. Kevin is without a doubt one of the key players in our industry and is well respected by everyone whether on the "buyer" or "supplier" side. Kevin is always one of the first people I turn to when I'm looking for solutions to issues or changes within my travel program.” - Alex McAdam, Director, Travelocity Business

“Kevin Mitchell is a true professional, an individual always looking for the best in any situation. He is a futuristic thinker, not afraid to address issues head-on in an honest, but objective manner. Kevin is one who looks for best solutions to problems or concerns. He listens to the opinions of others, incorporates different views and ideas when analyzing topics of concern.” - Kevin Maguire, Director of Global Travel Services, Applied Materials; GBTA President

“Kevin is a leader who combines initiative with creative ideas and innovative solutions. He thinks big and considers the ramifications of his ideas on the entire system.” - David Curtiss, Global Travel Supplier Business Executive, Rolls-Royce

"Kevin, Congratulations on your 20 years of service to business travelers and the whole travel community. I often think of what our industry would be like if we didn't have Kevin watching out for us.” - Michael Spooner, JCPenny

“I was an attorney on Capitol Hill working for a Member of Congress when I first began teaming up with Kevin. Kevin was advocating on behalf of business travelers at a time when major air carriers had a lock on prices for business travelers. Kevin very effectively garnered support among lawmakers and media to begin addressing the impact of high fares on communities and businesses alike. His work helped lay the groundwork for low-cost carriers like jetBlue to enter numerous under-served markets around the country.” - Stuart Spencer, Esq.

“I have worked with Kevin on numerous projects. In each campaign project he embarks on he does so with so much passion, energy and tenacity that I'm always glad I'm on his side!” - Paul Tilstone, Chief Executive, Institute of Travel Management

“Kevin is a thought leader who is consistently ahead of the curve in terms of helping decision-makers understand the critical issues that impact the travel industry and their business. His pro-active efforts tend to result in creative and strategic solutions that add real value for the industry and travel managers alike.” - Vaughn Cordle, CFA, Owner, AirlineForecasts, LLC

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